Craigslist conversion building

So I just got laid off my job, and I now have a shit load of free time. I don’t really need to work this summer, so I’m not looking too hard for a new job. Today I built up a conversion for my friend and had a good time doing it. I’m getting more comfortable working with bikes and I’m enjoying it quite a bit as well.

Is it very difficult to make and flip conversions on craigslist without losing money? I was thinking about keeping myself busy by building one up every once in a while and selling them off on Craigslist. I could help provide non-jackass bikes and have fun while I’m at it.

ps I won’t ruin any super nice road bikes

what would you use for rear wheels?

Scavenge ebay/cl at first. I’d like to learn how to build my own TBH though.

keep the rimset the same and get some cheap hubs and spokes and it might be worth it. but then again i’ve been seeing deep v wheelsets for 99 bucks on ebay now, which CL tarckstars would crap over.

so maybe just going for those dp18 ebay wheelsets would be better. they do love the deep sections, dont they?

maybe I’ll just have to play around with it a bit and see what works best.

The most profitable way to do this is to sell them as singlespeed. Just throw a freewheel on the existing threads. The people buying them will prefer that anyway, plus they’ll get all their hipster points.

Yeah, either build singlespeeds or else do a suicide conversion. Buying a new hub and keeping whatever janky steel rim is on your conversion is a pretty bad idea, you’re going to lose money doing that.

I don’t even bother converting bikes anymore. The demand is so high these days that they basically just sell themselves.

bike island has cheap wheels and free shipping. ... lsets-Road

If you’re gonna do single speeds, you can just take the cassette off and use a spacer set and one cog.
It works fine and you don’t have to redish to get a propper chainline.

You spell way too well to sell shit on craigslist.

where i am, there’s not much of a market for cheap conversions.

the used $1-200 se drafts and used bd merciers/motorbecanes/etc are what killed the conversion.

a story: 4 years ago, i had collected a stash of older decent road bikes. i converted them all to ss, with no more than a $40 outlay in each. the bikes were free from the trash or like $5 from a yard sale. they all sold within a week or too for the sum of $250 each. 250 was a lot more dollars 4 years ago than it is now. i’ve moved on to more profitable craigslist sales though.

like selling your ass?


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If you can get a proper rear wheel then it can be done easily. Shit conversions still sell for $200 in DC, which boggles my mind. I mean 1 piece Schwinn Varsity conversions with a cog rotafixed onto the old freewheel hub. I do quite a bit of CL business, though the majority is buying low and then stripping the bike for parts. Conversions do best with riser bars, option of a freewheel or cog (or both for $15 more), and I always sell a bike with brakes. Small bikes ~51cm sell best as they are pretty rare, but I can move anything. I’ve got a couple bikes to convert right now, a 90’s Fuji Team that is white so it will take a premium and a late 90s Bianchi Eros that has a badly bent der hanger. I’m debating if it’s worth putting $125 into a Eno hubbed rear wheel (one for sale locally) for the bike, it probably isn’t.

This is selling for 350 in chicago right now

i’ve done probably 8-10 this year both on cl and teh bay. all suicide jb welded cog and bb lockring. all of them sold for $175+ with a $20 outlay for parts and none of the bikes costing me more than $50. it’s good for a few hundred bucks here and there, but i wouldn’t quit my job to do it. buying on cl low and parting out on e-bay high is a much more profitable option for me.