cross frames?

my mom and i are planning on getting my dad a new bike for his birthday and i was thinking i’d build up a cross bike for him. which frame do you guys recommend? i’m thinking a cross check?

I just ordered a crosscheck!

Whatever you do , do not get a cross check! Oh. . . hey Rusty. . .

I’ve always had a place in my heart for Salsa

You can set the Cross Check up Single/fixed or geared…

If you can live without the cantilevers, you can do this with a casseroll also. Another good option.

EDIT - What are the chances of your dad running fixed/single anyways? Get a Chili con Crosso.

i’m thinking chili con crosso. my dad would not run single/fixed. he makes fun of me for it. and sweet spazz reference username. thats intentional, right?

I get that all the time. It’s a Lost in Space reference actually.

If you want to spend a whole bunch of dollars on your dad, you could get him a Salsa La Cruz and disc it up.

Also remember that it’s usually a lot cheaper to buy a complete, rather than build it up. Is your dad a big time cyclist who could tell the difference between Tiagra and 105, or would he just be happy with whatever he got?

my dad really wouldn’t give a shit. he used to be a pretty big time cyclist but now he really isn’t, i’ve been trying to get him back into it. i’m planning to build it up because i could get a school project out of the way also. two birds with one stone kinda thing.

Don’t get a crosscheck, you don’t want to be like rusty. I mean look at him.

I wish Salsa wouldn’t name all their bikes like food.

seriously, I’m a mess.

I love the salsa bike names.

i like the chips &

Get the Salsa. Salsa’s an awesome company that makes a lot of no-bullshit, cool bikes and components.

Surly has some cool bikes, but the attitudes they’ve sometimes expressed really rub me the wrong way. Chainline is 3mm off on the stock Steamroller. 3mm off is OK, but it just seems unprofessional to me to manufacture a bike and not get the chainline straight, even though that could have easily been accomplished by simply using different cranks (Andel?). When asked about it, they basically just said “we don’t care.”

Also, their reasoning for no longer letting the co-op I work at (or any co-op) sell Surly bikes? Let me quote them:

“However, if the professed goal of these shops is to fix up used bikes, help out students, and generally promote biking lifestyle, then they don’t need to probably be selling brand spankin’ new bikes to do that.”

Fuck that shit. Surly makes inexpensive bikes with practical, straightforward designs. Good bikes, I might even say. Why wouldn’t a co-op want to sell them?

I’m really not down with Surly.

You know Salsa and Surly are both owned and distributed by QBP, right?

I thought anyone with a QBP dealer permit could sell Surly.

They can, but QBP owns a few brands. Fairly confident they still operate pretty independently though

Distributed, definitely, but I think both operate independently of QBP and can decide who they are willing to do business with. BMC is distributed by QBP as well (they’re in the catalog), but you need to become a BMC dealer to get the frames.

Nope, both Salsa and Surly are wholly owned by Quality Bike Products. The Surly brand was conceived of by QBP themselves and is run directly by them in Minneapolis, and while Salsa still has a staff in California, it is also primarily managed out of Minneapolis.

BMC is entirely different, they just use Quality as their North American distributor.