Cycling Specific Glasses

So, my PBK glasses make me look ridiculous because my face is really wide and they are not. What else is out there that fits pretty large? I don’t feel like going to REI and trying a bunch on this weekend when it will be so busy.

get some safety glasses.

I’ve got some $5 “shooting glasses” from mallmart that fit my wide face and actually look pretty good.

I’ve been thinkin about using my old skiiing goggles this winter.

I do that too^.
Zero percent exposed skin.


Expensive, dorky, used by countless douchebags.

The M-frame and Radar are the benchmark for cycling specific eye-wear. Best coverage, best fit, best optics.

i got a pair they’re called “man up”

Rudy wins. There isn’t much “cycling specific” about any glasses. The shooting glasses are cheap, strong and save your eyes from unruly bullet casings you might encounter on the road. They’re also very “one size fits all.”

I just got a pair of Oakley MTB goggles off chainlove for $20.

Too many times last winter was I nearly snoblind and praying to good mother tarck bear for dear life.

There are those cycling goggles that are smaller then ski goggles and bigger then swimming goggles.

Caps work ok in the snow to an extent, but there have definitely been times when i wished for goggles.

[quote=“Rusty Piton”]I do that too^.
Zero percent exposed skin.[/quote]

I shoulda kept the goggles I had from my childhood snowboarding days. Zero exposure’d be nice some days.

I actually bought a new pair last winter because the lenses were falling out of my old ones.

I wear goggles from the army-surplus dumpster. Good for cold winds or dusty trails.


Thinking about getting some M-Frames. Does that make me a douche?



Had that happen to a pair of half jackets I had. I’d had them forever so I just let it go…

these are under a year old. i’m gonna contact oakley on monday.