Cyclocross Training

What do people do to train for these races (other than ride a lot)? Any good links? Thanks,

-the gizza

i fall down a lot and play in the mud. that’s what cross races are to me.

but really, it’s just upping your ability to suffer. you could run if you wanted to, but that sucks. the hardest part of a cross race is getting back on the the bike after a long run-up (ie, the amphitheater of pain).

I run plenty, I have no issues with that. Just wondering how important getting of the bike and getting back on are and all.

Very important.


Just yesterday I started riding single track with the cross bike. I’m treating logs and rock gardens like barriers and I’m running up the hills full speed, remount and keep hammering. Recover, repeat.

I’m running every three days as well. For 'cross and I do two duathalons every fall.

Stretching or your groin will hate you.

Yeah! ... re=related

I spent around an hour this past Wednesday riding back and forth across a soccer field jumping on and off and on and off. My groin hates me but I got rid of the second hop. Lots of good tips on this forum.

just make the cyclo-x mount/dismount something you do every time you ride.