cyclocrss pulley for front derailluers?

i’m looking for one of these:

but i can only find them at cyclocross world for $30. anyone know of a place that has them for cheaper? ... 4news.html

Here is just the pulley for $5. ... 0007r16393

I wonder if you could find a suitable clamp to go with it?

alright, here’s a better question-
can i use one of these and a full length of housing zip tied to the downtube?

I don’t see why not.

what does this thingamabob do?

looks like a cable guide to pass the cable under the BB shell

The old shimano and the new cyclocross one are different clamp sizes.

Also, they do different things.

Are you trying to run a bottom-pull derailer on an aluminum frame routed for top-pull? Get the one from cyclocross world.
Are you trying to route cable on a steel frame with no braze-ons? Get the Shimano.

the former, i was wondering if i could be cheap and use the latter and a full length of cable housing instead. i just tried it and it kind of worked, but not very well.

XT top pull for same munniez. ... 1|294%3A50

LX cheaper. ... 1|294%3A50

I bet either of those would be fine up to 48t irl.

can’t use a top pull on my 105 triple.

also, need 28.6 clamp size.

Okay, here’s the best me & teh google can do: ... FD9001.php ... FS1097.php

Apparently, these are available through QBP, so maybe you could get your LBS to order the bag of 5 and sell you one? Or maybe they have some around? Either way, buying the clamp + pulley individually should get you the right size clamp, anyway, and possibly cheaper.

This BF thread (from 2k4) has QBP part #s in it, but I couldn’t find the pulley sold individually on the internet anywhere, so it may just be bags of 5 now. ... +top+front

[quote=“barba”]Here is just the pulley for $5. ... 0007r16393

I wonder if you could find a suitable clamp to go with it?[/quote]
bward, you could get one of these and have your LBS pop in a rivnut water bottle bolt on the back of the seat tube to mount it in.

i ended up just buying the cyclocrossworld one.
same price as ordering the clamp and a whole bag of pulleys, and there isn’t anywhere with single pulleys for sale any more.
thanks though guys