Cyclometer magnet beeping?

Okay, so hooked up an old Specialized cyclometer to my bike after discovering it on one of my parents old mountain bikes I was cleaning up for them. I just now threw it on, haven’t given it a test ride yet, but just spinning the front wheel I noticed a tiny little TING every time the magnet passes the sensor. I could see this becoming annoying. Do they all do this? It’s not beeping from the actual computer, it appears to be just from the magnet/sensor area

They all do this. You’ll never notice it when you’re riding.

oh okay. Yeah, I figured it’s either something you don’t notice, or something that drives you insane.


Mine straight tells me when to refill the 40.

I also used scotch tape to install the sensor, probably not the wisest choice.

That is the best choice if you really want the beeping to go away.

That is the sound of a reed switch. Get some zip ties.

Yeah, first test drive today. Didn’t notice a single beep while riding.

Tape held surprisingly well. Gonna attach it with something a little more structurally sound though. It came with a mount. But that thing is fucking huge and nasty and needs like 3 fat shims to fit on my fork.