D2R2 2012

oh fuck yes please come, RJ!

last year I rode 38c Pari-motos and wife was on 30c panaracer cross tires that fit on her Bilenky. racerbros do it on 25 or 26s tho. Ray foes it on 27c (really 29?) tubulars. I’ll be on 45c Nomads this year.

gearing, they recommend a 1:1 ratio. I concur. I’ll be on 46/30 11-32. granny gear is nice. there is some steep loose shit that it helps to stay seated for. you’re way tinier than me and could probably get away with less woosie gears tho.[/quote]

Sorry I’m late.

1:1 gearing will get you up everything. Leave space and an out in front of you on the loose climbs so when the person in front dabs you can still get around.

I’ve run a triple with a 26t front and a 27t rear and was happy. Last year I had a 34t front/ 29 rear on the 115k route and hit a wall that everyone around me walked. I’d guess it was better then a 20% grade for 1/4 mile on dirt with another 1/8 mile steep ramp right after that.

My current tires are 27c (29 actual) road tubs. 32c file pattern CX tubs would be my second choice. Tubulars are not as prone to pinch flat.

The crew I roll with will run everything from 25c clinchers to 2X29 low profile knobbies. It’s all good. 25’s would be a bit too harsh for my tenderhole…

Come roll with us RJ!

Which one are you doing Sneaky? Mrs Sneaky staying home this year? (Congrats and love)

As soon as I get paid at the end of the month I will sign up for 115k with Ray and a few others.
fuck yeah getting dumped and staying in the East!!

Fergie wants in with a ride from NYC.

I still haven’t signed up yet, but in for 115k too

I’m 2 hours north of nyc and 2 hours south of deerfield. I’ll be leaving from CT at 5:30am-ish. my couch is always open to tarckers, and I could pick up from Harlem Valley Metro North line the previous night/drop off sunday if nyc tarck needs it.

I was so gonna go this year, but new house and involuntary hiatus from employment may have fucked that all up.

As long as it doesn’t sell out in the next week, I’m planning on signing up for the 150k. Been wanting to do this for a couple of years now, looks like I’ll finally have the chance this year.

I’m doing the 115K.

Come on, everyone sign up for the 180k. If you’re going to go all that way you might as well suffer for it. I fully plan to just barely make it and then brag about it here.

I need to get a mb crank and rings for the English, I don’t see myself getting up those hills with a 36 small ring. Any suggestions?

one of them 27/42 jawns… FSA 386 something or other?

or, you ball hard enough for a Sugino OX801D in 46/30 way

and trust me, I’ll suffer at 115k

I’ve been running a MTB, FSA 27/42 10 speed double on my FF. Low enough to get me up Mt Wash and for me, the 42/12 is high enough for most cruising.


Edit: Sneaky snuck up on me!

Edit, Edit: Sneaky pointed these out to me when I was looking for low gears a few months back.

115k is on this side of fun.

Heath, I plan on doing this every year forever. Come on out next year!

Goddammit, I plan to.

thread needs moar RJ atsvo

Signed up, 115k. Will I hate life with a 34/28 low gear?

sheeeit this gonna be a ferrreal tarckup

I don’t think you’d regret throwing a 32t cassette w/ a mtn dangler on that bish, if that’s feasible

I’ve done it with 34/27. It hurt a lot but was doable. Last year I ran 34/29 and was able to clean all but one loose atv/jeep road climb and another dirt climb from/through hell.

You’ll never do this ride thinking “I should have brought higher gears”

I’m running a 27/42 crank with 12/29 cassette this year. Your mileage may vary.

Can’t wait to see errybody. I’ll have a cooler full of Cokes. Sanbitter and Rootbeer post ride. Stop by for a cold one. Yes, I’ll have beer too.

Look for the Team Awesome crew and roll with us!


38x30 low gear works fine atmo.

u have done d2r2

I use a 38/28 low. Lower gears means the climbs last longer. Just grind that shit out.