D2R2 2014

Who’s in? !!!

Me maybe.


i want to go again this weekend.



i want to go again this weekend.[/quote]


i went on a ride today(didnt clean my bike or change tires from D2R2) and rode some gravel trails/ roads as much as i could in the loop. i neeeed it!


Maybe next year I’ll be in shape.

Again, maybe. Gonna try to keep the house/job situation stable through next year. Maybe I’ll even work on my fitness.


Maybe next year I’ll be in shape.[/quote]


i want to go again this weekend.[/quote]

I want to do the 180 again. I learned a lot this year.


i want to go again this weekend.[/quote][/quote]

Yep. Already planning a trip back out there in about two weeks with some teammates to do the 115k on our own.

Yo maybe I’ll drive to baltimore and hitch a ride from there

[quote=ergott]I want to do the 180 again. I learned a lot this year.[/quote] Such as?

Gearing for 115k and the 180k are different animals for me. I have a limited amount of times I can climb with that low of a cadence in the saddle. Out of the saddle, I can do all day, but I’m slow. Since all those short but steep climbs wore me down, I would opt for lower gearing. I could throw my mtb triple on the bike and be done. I know what I said earlier, but this was longer that any route like this I have done. I stand corrected.

I’ve pondered doing this ride on a road bike, but I’m convinced my cross bite is the right tool for the job. I just don’t see how you could bomb over some of those roads without a pinch flat or worse. I used Michelin Jets tubeless on Stan’s ZTR 29er rims. That combination is fast and comfortable. I flatted on the Deer Park descent. 5mm cut. The air went out slow enough for a safe stop even though it was a front wheel.

I run Paul Nero retro brakes and for the front, I want more power. I could probably adjust them for more power, but I’m considering the minimoto at least for the front.

The Garmin, worked like a charm. I didn’t set it up to navigate the course. There is an option to highlight the core on the map. This is nice so that you don’t have the thing beeping at you all the time. It’s also less likely to freeze up on a long route.

it was hard to stand up and climb on some of that stuff anyways cuz spin out

unless you did the weird weight back squatty thing that feels weird. If i do a longer route next year, i’ll throw a mtn cassette/der on, a 32 at least.

As the pedal comes over drive your weight into the rear wheel while hanging way out over the bars…at the same time… yeah like you said…squatty thing that feels weird…

On my Crossbow I feel just a tad more sketched out then my road bike on scary descents. High BB plus Euro CX geo? I can descend on it but my road bike inspires more confidence. 29mm tubs on the road ride help…

[quote=DDYTDY]A…squatty thing that feels weird…

hah yeah i get enough of that crap on my mtb.

I will go ahead an say yes and then inevitably something will come up the week before and derail those plans.

I’d really like to do this next year.