D2r2 20xx

2018 chat starts now.

Doing 180 with some people I’m bring with.

Let’s meet before/after

Scott Shire is coming up for the 100k. I’m not fit enough this year for even that but could be peer pressured into the 115k.

My goal was another shot at the 180k this year but I’m buried with new work at the shop and not riding much.

I’m doing the mystery ride

still too broken to go this year :frowning:

see yall in 2k19

oh damn man that sux


Sorry to hear that

it’s sad but it’ll be okay. just got back on the trainer so at least i have my basement to look forward to.

Bummer, had a great time riding with you last year. Doing the 180 this year with some fools

Roll call.

Most importantly, anyone want to get dinner night before or hang Sat night? I’m staying at RR both nights.

I’m bringing LI beer that happens to be pretty good. I can bring plenty to share.

I’m in for the 100k, rolling in and out Saturday. I need to get back into work Sunday.

Road conditions recon from New England Badass Pamela Blalock.

From the D2R2

ROAD CONDITIONS (Thank you Pamela Blalock!)
Since the last status update, we’ve have continued to be deluged with thunderstorms and flash floods. Both those who have a water bottle half-full and water bottle half-empty outlook can take heart from this. The grass and leaves are a vibrant green. The sound of flowing water will be a constant companion. OTOH, some of that water can take the form of a stream crisscrossing down the road towards you. The going is soft, so lower gears will be appreciated. Did we mention the going is soft? So wide tires with some knobs, won’t go astray. While climbs are soft, descents are hard. Washouts, wasboard and sinkholes abound. Even paved descents call for extra attention, with lots of debris washed across the road, especially in corners. New brake pads are probably a good idea.

This is not intended to scare anyone. Thanks to conditions, this year promises to be memorable. Just use a wee bit more caution, so all those memories are good.

More specifics:

Sunday morning, a group of us rode up Old Albany, the first climb on the 100k route. Today it was a full on stream bed, with lots of gullies, lots of soft spots, and water rushing down all over. It was mostly rideable with cushy tires, but I had my skinny 42s and had to stop a few times. Prior PRs, KOMs and QOMs should be safe on this climb.

We’ve ridden lots of the other roads in the past couple of weeks, and conditions continue to deteriorate after each of our daily afternoon thunderstorms.

Some other roads of note:

After being in great shape last year, the East Hill descent on the 160 is back to be a washed out gully. The top part is fast, but don’t get caught out. It rapidly turns to gnar.

The Deer Park descent features on several of the routes. At the best of times, it deserves respect. That’s even more so this year.

The bottom of Cooper Lane, the paved portion, ha ha, is in bits.

Basically all descents are suspect. Dirt roads are loose, and some have gullies. Many paved roads have dirt, sand and rocks washed across them in unpredictable places.

Two roads that are improved from last year are Stillwater and Peckville. Both of these have glorious new pavement.

For context, My bike will sport 650b x 48mm tires, disk brakes and a lower than 1:1 gear. John is using even bigger tires, just because he can!


Wish I could have made it but there is still some great Philly representation. Have fun y’all!

What a day! Tacky dirt made for slow climbing but very entertaining no fear descending. (your results may vary)

One of the highlights was when a couple of guys on MTBs with gnobbies caught Jamie and I at the top of the short climb before the gnar on Hawk Rd. I heard one say “this is where our tires will shine” Jamie and I rode away… they were never seen again.

Brutal humidity at the start but after some heavy rains the temps came down. It was below 70f when we finished .

100k was the perfect amount of suffering for the fitness I brought this year.

As always It’s great running into friends. :tarckbear:


Fenders… eyes are still filled with grit:



Pull down this week…

Edit again… 47mph max! I knew that dirt felt good.

So happy I saw Scott and Ray again! Finest guys you’ll ever meet. Friday night dinner at the Five Eyed Fox is becoming a regular part of the weekend, we had great food and company.

Those mud guards I threw on were perfect. Kept me clean considering the conditions and since I forgot my glasses in the hotel I didn’t blind myself. Like Ray said, the descents were glorious. 50mm tires meant I could roll over just about anything and there was no bad line. Switching over the middle of the road over the loose stuff was uneventful.

Day 2 my riding buddy and I did our own thing. Weather was so much better. Started out with the intention of doing the river tour, but saw a sign for Shelburne falls and decided to get breakfast there instead. He know that town from motorcycling. On the way a bridge was out so we had a little adventure.


We’re tied for that descent!

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Where the eff were you Eric (well I suppose this is not really a question as you obviously also didn’t see me, haha)? Was looking around for you all weekend and didn’t see you.

I also went to Five Eyed Fox on Friday evening—I shoulda checked this Fri!
Anyways…met a few of yous out there, hightailed it back from lunch, and showed up at my friends’ outdoor wedding right on time. Didn’t have time to shower, but there were goats + chickens, so I was in the clear.

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