Dammit: Post your bike

pls make a drillium stainless water bottle for April 1


Sheldon would approve.

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Top 5 tarck bike.


For real

New wheels on the ‘valent:

I now have both of my “dream bikes” (fat tire adventure & fat tire basket)
running and ridable simultaneously:

The valent felt tiny and cramped after not riding it for a few months — the tarckyon is definitely a Big Bike. Made a few small adjustments to the valent to align better with the tarckyon

Also need to get the cranks of the valent out by two or three mm, hopefully I’ve got a bb in my pile that will do that.


What top tube bag is that? Looks like a great size for stashing stuff

n/m forgot I could zoom in more, it’s a Bumpak

I like it, but the main thing I use it for is schlepping cans of intoxicants. I’ve also used it for various other small items, stuff like keys that I don’t necessarily want to get lost in the handybag.

I got it because it works with dumbtube shifters, space is a definite compromise.

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95% done but it’s a rideable bike. Hoping for at least another snowstorm this winter.


I really eant to hear your impression of how it rides, and then your take on the geometry. I want to try something more recent than my 2016 Spec. Fatboy.


Oh dude this is just one of their stock ano colors that they’ll do for pretty cheap. If you want them to go really wild they have a “deep custom” option that’s like $100/rim or something but they’ll basically try anything you want them to try. My hardtail has Blunt 35’s with a purple base and blue/pink splater ano.


What’s the rise/sweep on those bars?

Soma Dream riser, 25/5 degree and 50mm according to them.

First ride. Felt really capable even with 10psi in the tires and shitty brakes.


Thanks–much obliged.

Mine gets really wander-y, like the tire will just follow any tiny rut or undulation, and definitely need the leverage of wide bars to keep it pointed where I want. Paradoxically it sometimes is also a pain to change direction, leaning it over really doesn’t affect turns the way it does on other bikes.

I’m typically at 3-4 psi, on packed snow, 26x4.6 tire. Riding a size L.

Snow conditions vary by sooo much it’s hard to design universally for them.

If you have a lot of front wander, get a Viscoset and run it with extra preload on the damping stack by putting an o-ring on top of the plates.

The numbers on this bike look extra wacky because it’s built around 152 cranks, though it’s not far from a Jones LWB with extra reach.

HA 68
FO 51
STA ~71
CS 515
FC 780
Reach 485
Stack 660
BB Drop 83

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I was just looking at Corvus stuff, theirs are 69HTA, 53mm fork offset, 27.5x4.5 tires. Gawd I’d love to be able to fit those 5.0 tires.

On a really loose surface does trail actually do anything if there’s not enough traction to generate a restoring force? I still don’t know. The dynamics are really fucked up and looking at knowledge developed around motorcycles on smooth tracks isn’t going to have much crossover.

My use case is definitely slow-speed and balance focused. Trying to stay on the good line, maintain traction. Whatever “pneumatic trail” is, I can surely feel it. I feel like a short wheelbase, steep geometry (like Geoff Apps) might be great.

Built tubeless wheels for my lovely bicycle a while back. I recently converted it to 8sp index shifting from friction which was a good decision.

New grips, shifters, deerhead brake levers for my 87 rocky mountain. Love this bike. Found a hite rite spring with no other hardware and pieced it together from the parts bin. Kinda works.