Deal on lights

“Meritline has 21 LEDs Bright LED Lamp for Bicycles, 3 Stage lights with Flashing Function for $12.99 - $8.00 (with code M2480438OFF) = $4.99 with free shipping.”

Nice avatar. Welcome, and thanks

thanks, 1 of 2 dogs back at home. and you are welcome.

SD member?

just visit it occasionally. heard of woot?

thats awesome

yup. so much easier than checking them individually

These lights any good? My girlfriend needs one.

edit - already bought it

it seems really cheap, but it is a 4 dollar light. . no batteries included. takes 3 AAA’s

eh, screw it. i just bought one too. a 5 dollar light is better than no light at night

Sweet. Cept woot is full of crap these days. I like their shirts though

got one

too cheap to pass up

ordered. thanks!!

i just tried ordering it to Canada
4.99 for light
63$ for shipping
and i would have to pay taxes on the total + import duty fees at my door

thats fucking insane

got one!

i bought a planet bike superflash last night…so fucking badass

anyone get this in yet? haven’t received mine…

best lights ever. expensive, but soooo good. superflash in the back, beamer 5 in the front.

expensive? it was like 20 bucks