Deceased bicycle...lives!

high fives screen

Crustpunky headset repair included. Will post pics.

i was expecting an army of zombie bicycles. god damnit

just one zombie bike

wrong forum :colbert:

blicks, i LOVE your avatar

Notice the hose clamp…just in case…

I <3 you Matilda!!!

I can’t fully convey how emotionally attached I am to this bike.

For Littlebear:


Resurrected Leader FTW!

It makes me happy when a bike many would consider wasted is once again made rideable.

Way to go, Blicks!

She’s been hanging on the wall since May. I was so sad when the accident happened, but now it’s all better. My road bike’s bottom bracket problem got worse on Monday, so I had to fix one of the bikes or borrow someone else’s indefinitely, which I didn’t want to do.

What exactly is going on under that hoseclamp?

^Was wondering this as well… hoseclamps rule hard.

I fully support this fix.


[edit] dammit, we’ve got enough foods threads already.

back in the 90s press fit headsets sucked and bmxers would put a hoseclamp on the bottom cup to “help” it stay together. some frames even came with directions on how to do this.

Ok, so the beveled edges in the cup where (presumably all) the forces take place? They’re fine and dandy. The issue is that when the accident happened, the fork snapped off and the headtube hit the pavement, smashing in the sidewalls of the cup. I bent them back yesterday, but with some cracking and obviously a bit uneven. Hoseclamp is to keep this sidewall together, keeping the bearing centered in case of hitting another SUV.

This is intriguing. I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

needs zombie stickers

Or these!


[quote=blickblocks]For Littlebear:


I don’t think Rivendell parts are compatible with Leaders.