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I took a break from building a “dope” wheelset and tried designing a new deez sticker…

any of these good… I really suck at this:

oh and also… deez kit, it needs help… i’ll hook up a free kit to the person who makes it better.

in other news, I put some pricing up on my site… I’ll have a tarck coupon code up soon, just in time for the holidays.


change the name so the stickers are cooler.

Did you realise that most of your descriptions are truncated?

i like deez wheels

Don’t know what truncated means and a little late to change name :frowning:

any relation to deez shammy butter?

Looked up truncated, descriptions are a work in progress…

When can I get Deez wheelz x Liberty Bunker collabo kit?

change the color of the kit, that brown is hecka uggo atmo.

I like 2 and 4 (from the top down), but the rounded look of the font in 2 is too similar to this:

I think the name was a poor choice, but it’s your call.

lulz were had.

I kinda like the logo now, but i can see what I can do with the kits over break, just e-mail me what you’re going for at


I was bored at work, so I spent some time on this:

Also, if you’re afraid of the Zabriske association, but want to keep a similar name (just nudged in a new direction):

Doze Wheels:

Deezl Weezl in da hizzle:


Red yer deez

dem wheeelz