Delorme InReach

Anybody interested in some backcountry peace of mind? I switched to a Garmin mini for weight weenie reasons, but this one always served me well. Has a crack in the screen cover, but screen is fine and perfectly visible. Mostly would use it Bluetooth tethered to my phone anyway.

$80 shipped

I’m interested… But don’t know anything about their coverage or service plans… Can you tell me how it worked out for you?

Yeah also what’s the phone app situation? Been thinking about having something on hand at cabin since cell reception is spotty.

The device communicates via the iridium satellite network, so coverage is worldwide. I never had any issues connecting to the satellites on bikepacking trips or sailing in the middle of nowhere. The plans are pricey and structured in an annoying way that reminds me of the early days of cellphones. Garmin bought out the company so you can find pricing on their website. Tethering to your phone works well, but messaging is in-app rather than your regular messages, and since it’s Garmin the app is only okay. All that said, it is totally worth it to me to be able to stay in touch when out of phone range, and to have an emergency button close at hand.

Is it the same app that you will now be using with the garmin?

Is the communication seamless whether on wifi/cell or using the sat? AFAIK with Garmins devices and app it is not, right?

dibs…message me with your paypal informations please!

should i have interpreted others’ interest as dibs? i am unclear on dibsiquette

When I last used it the modes were not seamless, you would have two threads going with the same number. Garmin has a different app now than the one I used, so they may have addressed that but I don’t know.

Dibs is dibs I would say. If you want to give the first interested parties a chance that is your call. Otherwise I will DM PayPal info.

You have an actual job. Get an inreach mini 2 like a sane person and let those of us in academia fight it out over this old piece lol

Note that filing this complaint indicates my commitment to purchase as well :hugs:

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ok dibs is handed to you then. buy away

Now I feel bad. @Euphorbia may I?

For sure, I slept on it.

Alright @plop send me ur paypal

I wonder how battery life is on these now that the Delorme-era units are basically the first-gen