Desperately need help with frame sizing

Hey guys… here to annoy you guys with another dreaded thread about bike fit. I have a motobecane messenger 64 cm frame that I rode for while until retiring it due to wrist/ neck/ and shoulder pain on rides longer then 20 min. : ( since then I haven’t rode but I am looking to find a way to ride again with out pain. I am 6’5 3/4" with a 35" pant inseam the top tube length on my messenger is/was 610. When I used to ride I went to a shop got fitted on a cycle and nothing came of it. I tried 3 different stems none seemed to solve the pain and one was a hideous ergonomic quil stem. I used an online fit tool and didn’t find a resolve… but I will be trying this again. So my question is why do my wrists hurt? I have riser bars my arms weren’t locked when riding which sheldon brown warned agaisnt… and my seat was pushed back as a result of the guy at the shop trying to help me with the pain. Could it be that i need a smaller frame with a longer seat post? I’m sorry for posting this maybe in the wrong place but I’m desperate for help this has been an issue for awhile… also my stand over height was fine. I prefer fixed as a skateboarder there is some great connection I have to fixed. Please Help Someone!!!

Have you messed with the bottom bracket at all? I was having some issues with wrist pain for a while, I had my framebuilder convert my standard bb to a press fit and that helped get some of the weight off of my hands. Sometimes it acts up, but not like it used to!

First of all thank you for the resp. Excuse my newbness but what would a press fit do to take the weight off? allow me longer cranks? I really hope this means i’m too far from my bars so i could get a smaller frame but i doubt thats the case… riding a 64 is like riding a clown bike. While I’m at it does anyone know any track bikes that allow bigger then 700 c?

Let’s be nice for once.

I think the press fit conversion will probably do wonders. It’s not so much the longer cranks, or even the Q factor - though obviously those are SIGNIFICNT components to most (all?) KOPS issues. Where you’ll really feel the difference is in vertical compliance.

As for bigger wheels, I think you may be barking up the wrong tree. For someone of your height (also, it would help us if we could know your EXACT pubic bone height) the answer might actually lie way out of your wheelhouse - 26" monstercross. The quicker acceleration of the smaller wheels - plus additional stability from wider tires - seems pretty impactful to big guys.

Hope this helps.

It does!
Let me translate how I perceived your msg? The press fit is a good idea because of (vertical compliance aka stiffness in the frame?) Big wheels are a good idea because of bike stability? You’re thinking my wheel house is too short?

As for my exact pubic bone height it’s 38.25 in = 97.2 cm.

here is a link with the Geo of the Messenger

also when I used to ride I had good chain tension from what I could tell yet my chain would pop off during mid skids sometimes. Also my BB had a weird creaking sound…

thank you again for the help!

a 26" monster cross conversion would probably work, but it’s almost impossible to find tires. the nice thing about pf bbs is that you can find parts anywhere. any good shop will have a wide selection of spindles and bearings, you can find spindles in almost any lengthway.

bro you definitely came to the right place, lotta good advice itt.

but listen: my buddy was having similar wrist pain on rides longer than 20 min and long story short it ended up he had early onset arthritis and really low bone marrow density. just a fyi that the answer for cycling pain isn’t always found at the lbs.

The insight you gentlemen are doling in this thread is remarkable.
oh and op, I’m 6’ 4 3/8" and my most comfortable bike is a 54 with a 140 stem. Can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

@ 6’ 7", i refuse to ride anything other than a 49cm frame i feel more in tune with it and can sprint faster than with any other size especially fixed the saddle height and bar drop gives me a more aero position for longer rides.

Wrist/neck/shoulder pain sounds like it could be a brachial plexus problem. Nerve damage can lead to numbness and paralysis, so don’t fuck around.

A buddy of mine w/ neck problems had really good luck with one of these:

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god damnit is it that hard to give someone advice you guys are so predictable

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