What can you tell me about this company?
Bike cult.com says its east german and shows a track frame with the same logo design as my frame.
At the same time Ive read its a Belgian builder. Seen a few frames with the same logo on google.

Anyone actually know?
Picked this frame up off the Serotta forums a month or so ago. Ive about got it built up by now. No pics of that yet. Still need a decent rear wheel.
Seems like a well built frame. Id just like more info on where it came from.

That frame is made in Belgium by another company named Diamant. I don’t have much more info than that, but they seem pretty badass.

The east German Diamant frames kinda suck. Track racing was a rather popular sport in the GDR and most of the tracks they had were supplied with these. When track bikes got popular again everybody was riding around on these because many cycling clubs in the east were selling these for next to nothing. The quality was terrible though, low-end tubing with a tendency to crack.

Ah ok. Thanks for the clarification.
This frame seems very well built and with Columbus tubing so I was thinking also that it probably wasnt E. German.

it was a steal for a max frame and what looks to be a max fork as well.

I has a track frame made by them, don’t know to much about them. won the bike for drinking a bunch of beers and keepin my hand on it the longest.

cool story bro

yeah looks like a nice frame
max tubing has a cult type of following
if it rides/handles well then love it and ride it
if it sucks then sell the fucker