Did you just ShartQ?

Whoa, I hadn’t heard of those. Do you have them?

I might benefit from going shorter than 165 (27" inseam), but idk, 165 feels pretty good.

Yep, i have a pair in 165mm and am on a low grade dither daydream about trying the really short ones for science/self experimentation. They arent anything amazing quality wise (i.e. feel cheaper than sugino OX) but if you want short length & low q & low gearing in a road double then they do that well.

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had my first instance of dead bearings in a personal shimano hub recently. 6800. hubshell races are fucked. was kept adjusted and maintained and all. now the hub is doodoo and it makes me very sad. options are to replace to another shimano hub and reuse spokes or get a different hub. it’s been sitting in the healing pile for a year now.

Pack it with toothpaste and ride it to get rid of the pits then replace the looseballs

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oh word? i mean, it’s already fucked, what could treating it like a copy of crash bandicoot that won’t load past the 3rd world do to make it worse?

shame it’s too big to load on my drill press…


I lost one of the washers for the faceplate screws on a stem I have. Any idea where I can find spares? I’m assuming I’ll need to pick up 4 of them so they’ll be evenly spaced in case the new one is a different size

R7000 hubs are pretty good, the set comes in under $100 and the basic design hasn’t changed in forever.

How am I wrong? I don’t mean that sarcastically. I’ve built and abused a handful of wheels. I’m sure you’ve seen way more built and abused than I have.

Sanity check: can I use a SRAM Apex 1x11 derailleur with a 10s Apex shifter? Both are Exact Actuation

Yip. That is certainly my understanding. And if you stumble across a dead 11 speed shifter/brake assembley you could put the 11 speed barrel into the 10 speed body, if you wanted 11 speeds.

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On this note… Apex1 is also the perfect 1x dangler for older 10s Sram mtb retrofits as well.

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Coincidentally this will be replacing an X7 mountain derailleur. I was shocked that Apex was the best off-road 1x10/11 solution

X9 clutched would work but its more 2x than 1x. Not sure what the real world difference would be.

X9 still tops out at 36T I think as opposed to 40T for Apex1. I don’t strictly need a new part, but I’m trying to get more range

The X9/GX 10s danglers REALLY don’t like going bigger than 11-36. They will “work” with a 42 but it puts a ton of stress on the B-screw support. Usually the screw fails first (bends). Sometimes the support goes.

It’s interesting just down different an animal the 1x derailleur is.

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Yeah, my X9 goes into a 36, but I doubt it would be that happy with bigger, but it is a shortish cage. My Force 1x (short-cage) maxxed at a 36, and my XO 2x (non-clutched) is happy in a 40.

2x11 force with gx dangler is: swedish_chef

Only 11x34 because double, mid cage takes up a 34/46 just fine.

X-Horzion 2x11 GX with a tan pan to Rival22 is literally the best sram shifting I have ever felt. 50/34 - 11-36 works beautifully and the clutch tune is perfect.

Yes - The R7000 105 hubs are just like shimano hubs since the before times: front hub has 11 3/16" balls per side, rear hub has 9 1/4" balls per side.

The Ultegra 6800 and Dura Ace 9000 both had larger-diameter aluminum axles and changed to smaller 3/16" bearings (13 per side) in the rear hub (and DA 9000 front hubs changed to 14 5/32" bearings per side in the front), and this isn’t the first place I’ve heard that they were less durable than the old ones.

Oh, huh. TIL.

One time all the bearings shattered into pieces on some a fairly new ultegra hub. Just crumbled into shards.