Did you just ShartQ?

If I’m doing touring, I put my kit in my framebag or rando box. But also, I don’t have a cage under the BB

I too feel like a saddle bag with tools always made more sense that using a space for a water bottle. If you want to do a ride that would require that space for water, do you then migrate your tools?

no, you take your more water bike out for that use-case

it’s just a little thing for daddy to put their road bike patch kit in so they don’t get caught out on the 2 hour saturday morning ride when their partner let’s them “go do biking”

fixed that for us

the underside of the saddle is kinda the worst spot to put a little fixed weight all the time, since it is concentrated at the far end of the longest lever

when pedaling out of the saddle and “rowing the bike” you are throwing that weight back and forth and making 100g feel like 10kg


This was the first lesson I learned on track after posting in the FNG thread…you seemed quite disappointed in my strapping a tube under the saddle whilst my frame bag layeth bare.

Bold assumption that the underside of the saddle is higher than the handlebars


if that’s the Y-axis, also consider the X-axis and the Radial moment

weight on the handlebar clamp is high up on the Y-axis but is at the center of that mass on the X and Radial, and decoupled from the rest of the frame

I use the tool bottle under the downtube, or the bottom of the frame bag, to keep the weight down low, and easily accessible, in the case of the tool bottle at least. But then again, I probably have more weight in seat bag and front roll anyway, when bikepacking, but for everything else, it just stays in under the downtube, and gets swapped from bike to bike. Have recently gone to one drink bottle in a feed bag, and 2 litres in camelbak in vest. Have become a big fan of the vest, with pockets for munchies and easy access to phone.

I have all the quick basic tools in the main framebag compartment. The seatbag takes a sock that holds my major shtf tools such as chain breaker and tubes (sock doubles as a tubeless jizz mop). However today tarck has me reconsidering this.

I keep my tools and spares and a big pouch with many many straps of all shapes and sizes behind the kid seat backrest in the box on my bakfiets. I never ride any other bike anymore.

I’m just going to keep my seat bag because I can’t feel the difference when it’s off

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Any reason not to buy this bottom bracket for my bakfiets? Gold is best, after all.

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Do you ever ride your bakfiets downhill? Is your bakfiets affected by gravity? If so, for it!

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I’m a Chicagian. I don’t know the meaning of the word.

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Hmm then I don’t know if a downhill bottom bracket is for you

But it’s gold!


get that drip

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The ad copy says cyclocross bikes can use it too. Richard Sachs approved!

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Ok, I do regularly pass by a big grassy mound of dirt called Cricket Hill where they do cyclocross races so maybe it’s ok.

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It’s an Alfine crank on that bike? The Shimano compatibility doc shows compatibility with a bunch of mtn cranks for the BB80, but nothing beyond those.

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