Dirty Kanza 200 2012

Who’s in?

I was thinking about Trans-Iowa too…but didn’t even look at the registration until two days after it had already filled up.

Man that looks cool. I really like that its only map-and-compass navigation, no GPS/Cell phones allowed except in cases of emergency. If I still lived in the midwest I’d be all over that, but unfortunately there are a lot of cool things to do with my free time in the PNW in June.

Got a link? I could be down maybe.

Fuck…that is in my backyard. I’ll probably be there.

Dude, do I have to make a google joke? http://www.dirtykanza200.com/

Saturday, January 14th is with registration opens. It filled up in 48 hours last year, so mark your calendars.

I currently live (Kansas City) 1.5 hours from the starting point. Will totally host anyone who is down to go to this, and I am currently talking some of my team members into it.

I miss you.

I would love to do this, and it’s an hour from my parents’ house. Get me into flying with a bike? I’d need to htfu and do some actual distance riding in the interim as well.

I have been training for the DK for a while as well as making equipment choices and setting up a bike for the event.

What’s your bike set-up? I don’t have either bike yet, but I’m not sure if I’d do it on a cross bike or a fat tired road bike kinda thing.

Rent a flight case from LBS? I have a Thule case you could borrow, but shipping the thing would cost as much as a lot of other things…

So far I have an older Redline Conquest Ti, a whiskey disc brake fork, 700x38 armadillo infinity tires. Still looking for lighter wheels and maybe a MTB crank.

I’ll be there. Not sure I’m ready for TI just yet.

I miss you.[/quote]
<3 babby

This is kind of typical of dk200 setups
People ride almost anything you can imagine. Last year was the first year for a tandem and also the first for a recumbent.

Registration filled up fast. Good thing I set my alarm.

i’dda been so down had i seen this sooner.

who wants to ride the width of ohio with me this year? it’s 220 miles wide and tall so we can go n/s or e/w idc.

I know one of the guys that holds a UMCA record for this, and another that did but his was recently broken, they would have all the info about routes and such. I’d be up for it depending on time of year and such so I could plan. Also, I’ll PM you some dates later, but if you want to tag along on any of the NC or KY brevets I can probably pick you up along the way. All the Ohio ones are up north this year.

On that topic, I sucked at planning and didn’t realize that Dirty Kanza was the same day as a 100 mile MTB race I’d already signed up for. But, DK is a 12 hr drive from me, and this race is an hour…so cost wise this is more reasonable anyway.

I just wish there were more gravel style events around me.

Even though I was physically unable to train for most of the spring I managed to ride 165 miles of the race Saturday. The course and scenerey were great, I saw every bike setup imaginable, and met lots of great people!