Dished front wheel, noticeable flex

Because my fork came out of the box spaced slightly off center, I decided to dish my front wheel so it would sit right. I’ve noticed a fair amount of flex. The rim will rub against the brake pad on either side depending on how I’m leaning the bike in a trackstand. Should I tension up the wheel some more or is this flex normal?

If the fork is out of alignment to a degree that the front wheel requires significant dishing, I would start by returning the fork.

For serious.
I’d have returned the fork if it was so bad I had redish my front wheel to compensate.

Yeah I probably should’ve. I was brakeless when I built it up though so I didn’t really notice how far off it was.

Are you sure that your caliper is centered properly?

are you sure it’s the wheel flexing not the fork?
Did you measure the dish originally to make sure it wasn’t the wheel?

maybe it’s all in your MIND

Yes. The wheel was off centered relative to the crown, steerer tube, etc. It’s all good now, the flex is just pissing me off because it knocks my caliper off center.

Is it possible that your locknuts aren’t tight enough? If a rim is moving that much during a trackstand, I’d check that out first.

VVVVVVVVVVV Ahhh, ‘cones’, that’s what I meant.

Maybe a loose bearing cone?

FWIW, I had to dish the front wheel for my BFIRO frame, but the wheel is still plenty stiff. In other words, I don’t think it’s the fact that it’s dished that is causing the movement. I would suspect that it’s under-tensioned.


Do you have a spoke tension meter or know anybody who does?

bb, if you dished your wheel and don’t have proper tension, it would be flexing that much, yeah. but seriously, if your fork is off center… that’s the problem here.

does this wheel have the same problem on other bikes?

It’s well tensioned. It’s also pretty evenly tensioned between each spoke as well, I make sure to play each one during the truing process. I also gave the whole wheel’s nipples a full extra turn and a half after I had trued it. On Saturday, maybe I’ll bring it to the shop and see what they think. It’s definitely flexing I would say a several millimeters either way.

Sheldon says lateral flex not about spoke tension or about dishing. If you look at this list, maybe it’s not that unusual?


well are you? Try another wheel it’s most likely the fork flexing.

Man, I would totally just buy a new cheap fork before even THINKING about dishing a front wheel.

well are you? Try another wheel it’s most likely the fork flexing.[/quote]

Ohhhhhhhhh. That makes sense. It’s absurdly skinny:

Well this sucks then. :colbert:

well are you? Try another wheel it’s most likely the fork flexing.[/quote]

Ohhhhhhhhh. That makes sense. It’s absurdly skinny:

Well this sucks then. :colbert:[/quote]

call leader, explain your problem… then demand a new fork… there are dangers associated with what they supplied you… they’ll get scared & worried about a law suit…

Either that or they’ll wonder if you’ve bent it over time, seeing as this bike has actually been ridden.


  1. During trackstands, it wasn’t just the brake pads that the rim was touching, the tires were rubbing the fork. There is paint missing there. A lot of failed trackstands were the result of the wheel locking up.

  2. Track nuts don’t seat well on the dropouts, causing confusing results every time I would reinstall the wheel.

  3. Quick release skewers sit fine. It was obviously made for this.

  4. Leader is being totally awesome about it and letting me warranty it (for a brand new fork design). It doesn’t matter that it’s been months, I guess.

  5. I’m an idiot about not having the fork inspected immediately, as soon as I realized my wheel was a centimeter off to the left.

  6. Do I need a shop to remove my crown race or can I do it with a flat head screwdriver?

you probably need a shop to remove the crown race.
but i’ve gotten one off with a bench vise opened to the proper diameter and a dead blow hammer…it really just depends how tight the thing is on there.

as far as your fornt wheel. you should be able to flip it around in the dropouts and it should be centered both ways…