DIY chainwhip.

I need a chainwhip to pull the cassette off of my roadbike, and I didn’t feel like going to the LBS, so I made one.

I based mine off the Dura-Ace chainwhip:

Here is the finished product, it looks like total shit, but this is the first time I have used a sawzall, drill press or grinder (so much fucking fun!). I used a piece of steel bar stock that was laying around the garage. It was too thick for the 3/32 chain so I had to grind it down where I drilled the holes for the chain.

Finishing touch:

Shamano Doora-Ase!

I’m going to make a not so shitty one in a few days, I can take pictures and make a step by step tutorial if anyone’s interested. For now feel free to laugh at my pathetic efforts at metal fabrication.

looks like a wooden paint paddle.

I never said it looked good.

Did you own all of these tools without ever using them?

They were my dad’s. It took more time digging them out of the garage than actually building the thing.

whenever i go into my dad’s garage, i always find 3 things:

porn, guns and wads of money.

it’s fucking weird.

I think it’s cool.
It’s hard to imagine living to adulthood without using those tools.

I converted a $6 eBay chainwhip from 3/32" to 1/8" and I was very proud, but you’ve clearly one-upped me.

can’t you just rotafix it?

Speaking for myself, rotafixing is unnecessary overkill, and a great way to scratch up my frames.

Anyway, he might have to remove things other than track cogs, in which case he’ll need a chainwhip.

I need to do this.

yea, because thats a great way to remove a cassette.


iunno i thought it would be the same thing

OHHHHHH it holds the casette in place so you can put the spline deally in there?

the moar you know!