Do I want Sonomas or Minretts?

So basically I need a clipless (I fucking hate that they are called “clipless”, what’s the deal?) shoe that can be worn all day like a regular shoe.

I’ve narrowed it down to Specialized Sonoma ... alBikeShoe

and Adidas minrett ... 5%20ADIMN8

Here’s the kicker, I have about 90$ of specialized money (store credit) to buy those sonoma’s, BUT I’m really in no hurry to use that money because it never expires and I’m sure at some point I’ll figure out something to buy with the money.

My concerns are a lot about looks (maybe it would be better to make this post in BFSSFG, but I don’t need 100 assholes telling me to DO A SEARCH) because I tend to sport shorts, a lot of times pedal pushers, and I’m a little concerned with how funky either of these shoes might look. Right now I almost always wear the vans slip-ons.

Also, I would like to hear about the performance of these shoes. I only put such concern on the looks because I figure they both work just as well for keeping your foot on the pedal, but then again I’ve never done clipless before.

So if anyone has personal experience (as far as performance goes) with either of these shoes, that would be awesome too.


EDIT: oh also I forgot, what about the velcro straps on the sonomas versus the pull shoestrings on the minretts. Will either system work better than the other?

I totally dig the minretts, they had them super cheap on nashbar for a while and i almost got them. sorry, i have no performance info to offer, this is 100 percent based on looks.

no clips/straps hence, clipless

I wear those specializeds all day every day.
I love em, they’re super comfy for riding and not bad for walking around. I wouldn’t want to go running in them or anything, but they’re not bad.
Likewise, if I were to do a serious road race, I probably wouldn’t wear them for that, but for on and off the bike mess work, they’re better than clips&straps and better thatn pure road shoes.

If you’re on and off all day those shoes kick total ass.

based purely on aesthetics, the adidas.

+1 for Adidas. Only grampa shoes have velcro. (I will accept a single velcro strap for keeping the laces in check)

If you happen to wear a 46/47 and want those Specialized, PM me. I have a pair in great shape I never wear and will let go cheap. They are good commuting shoes. I have too many cycling shoes.