Do you still fixie?

I do.

I started, then for a little while I didn’t, but now it’s back.

And it’s good.

All you haters suck my overhyped “classic” track frame (GTB), Sugino 75s, Phils to Deepvs (RR1.2’s, but still), skinny risers, Concor, Campy aero post and no brakes (cuz for fakes).

HY i fixie.
at the end of summer i didnt for a minute (coz finished my RR bike). but i do once again in full swing

currently don’t fixxie, but i do singlespeed it.

only when im drunk

I fixie all the time.
and sometimes other things.

after not riding my fixy for a month, i’m back on it and it’s terrible.

Although I’ve had moments of extreme doubt, I never stopped…

I’ve always kept riding in one form or another. Right now, I’ve got the Greg LeMond set up for road riding, and I was been using it that way for short trips and some dry-weather riding, but I’ve since put it away due to some knee troubles. I do SS almost every day, in the form on my Cross-Check commuting bike. I also plan on buying a cheap aluminum SSCX bike from J&B when they’re available, and racing single speed CX, now that there’s a dedicated category for it here.

I read this as ‘‘do you still chill?’’

I do.

yes to work and coz winter soon. the road bike is pretty much roller/trainer use only until the roads are clean. my fixed is built like a road bike though, but with cinelli crit bars for style points with hoods, front brake, rear fender, arione and nashbar look clones.

I was off fixie for months cos broken foot x sprained ankle collabo. Rode cross and polo hybrid. Was fun. Was all good. This week. I fixied. I liked. Felt good. I missed.

I fixie.

Not really.

I fixie :smiley:
coz cheapish

also this

I do, and will continue to ride it for a long time.

I do.

The fit of my road bike is rubbish.



of course, don’t own another bike coz poor

Fixie fixie fixie