Does anyone have an SSMTB frame they want to sell?

Or complete if it’s cheap enough. I might have parts to trade or some music gear if you like that sort of thing.

Size ~17” preferred. Show me what you got!

I’m not going particularly picky, but I’m trying to get a dumb bike as cheap as possible and I’d prefer 27.5 or 29”

You want my Cherry Bomb?
It has hydraulic rim brakes!
It takes 29/700c wheels.
Might be too big though.

How much do you want for it? Is it a 19” frame?

Also pics? :smiley:

I know they’re verboten and all but why not bikesdirect

I’m hoping that you have one in the garage you want to sell for an even further discounted rate!

I have a on one inbred 29er that’s good for someone no taller than 6’ or so (I’m 6’2 and it was fine but a bit cramped). Deore hubs, schwalbe tires, velocity rims set up tubeless. Some kinda carbon 29er fork. Haven’t ridden it in like 2 years and it has got to GO. Not letting anyone pay more than like $360 for it and I honestly just made that number up (wanted to say $420 but that’s way too high).

I’m definitely interested but my budget is like $250 right now so I need to sell some music gear before I can swing it, might be a couple of weeks but yeah I should be down.

Have any pictures?

I think it might be a 20"
Cherry Bomb by rudyluciani, on Flickr
Swift Industries Porteur Bag. by rudyluciani, on Flickr
100 bucks plus shipping for frame, fork, NJS Dura Ace headset and Magura Hydraulic rim brakes.

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I’ll dig some photos up this evening. It is at my parents’ place as I just stored it there to go ride the trails near them. Sounds like it might be too big for you if you wanted a 17" tho? How tall are you?

I’m ~5’9” or so. I can probably make a large work with a stubby stem and I’m not opposed to that.l, I just feel like I’ve historically had too big of bikes :laughing:

Wow that is a thing of beauty. Let me sleep on it!

I’ll get you some accurate measurements tonight.
Just a head’s up, the brakes require some WIDE rims to work right.
TB-14 never stopped very well.

Forgot those weren’t that wide. Was thinking archetype was wide enough. Did find Velocity Cliffhanger as a 30mm wide, 25mm internal tubeless rimbrake rim out there, too.

Adventurer 2 might work. I measured my 26" ones at ~27mm.

i’ll buy that rear brake in the off chance anyone wants rid of it. helps with purchase price? assuming an adventure 2 even is wide enough

You want the rear Magura?
It’s the kind that goes on special brazeons.
If the stays were narrower, a narrower rim would work.

oh dang. doesn’t work on cantibois?