Dolan Seta Track Bike - 55cm

I know this is a long shot that anyone here would want this thing, but it’s finally time to get rid of this thing. After 9 years of ownership and nearly 0 use in the last 2 1/2 years, it needs a new home.

Dolan Seta carbon track frame - size 55 - roughly 55 square frame IIRC, but i can look up the sizing details. Alpina fork and OS seatpost.
Purchased new in 2011. This rides like a road bike - fast and nimble on the track withotu any of the twitchyness. Not drilled for brakes, though the space does exist on the fork and the rear bridge
Cranks are 170mm Dura-Ace FC-7710 with a stages power meter
Wheels are Mavic Reflex tubulars laced to Suzue Pro Max hubs, flip flop rear.
Vittoria corsa speed tires with about 2 rides on them - glued in 2018?? but stored inside for their lifetime.
135mm stem - i think 38 or 40cm generic compact bars.
Current saddle is a specialized oura, but i’m interested in possibly keeping that if buyer does not want it.

Asking $800 for the whole shebang - up for offers on the bike minus cranks or some other combo (the cranks being as expensive as they were is the only reason why i am not listing for cheaper).

$950 if you also want my track bag of additional chainrings and cogs - i have 48-51t chainrings (all either dura-ace or sugino) and 14-16t cogs (i think duplicates of 14t and 15t, but need to check). Oh, and I also have a set of aero bars for this thing - nitto base bars + clip on extensions and a -25 deg stem (needed for the tall head tube on this thing)

For full disclosure, the frame has many tiny chips from being stored, but nothing beyond the top layer of paint. The reflex rims are also developing stress cracks at a few eyelets, so they should probably be replaced and if i was you, with clinchers because tubulars are not enough better to be worth the maintenance.


I live in close proximity to a nice velodrome, could post on the FB group if you can’t find anyone local.

How many skid patches?


Yeah, there may be a group for the CO springs velodrome. The one in Boulder is basically dead. I’m not sure if the property is sold yet, but attempts to buy it out to Dave it hit dead ends.

I’m gonna post it on Facebook after I dig out my gear bag and other track stuff.

You’ll have to do the math for all the gear ratios I mentioned.

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True track bike use means zero skid patches.
Would be tempted if I wasn’t already treasuring my own erstwhile track bike I might never get to race again…


I watched a dude drop his chain coming out of a flying 200 wind up and lay down a sick skid the length of the back straight. That tire only had one skid patch.


This seems to be the case here and I have limited storage space. Plus I’m just letting these tires die a slow death.

Located my gear back - what i have:

On the bike: Sugino 48T
In the bag:
Suntour superbe 49T
Suntour superbe 50T
Shimano Dura-Ace 51T

On the bike: 14t and 16t
In the bag:
Dura-Ace 14t
Dura-Ace 14t
Suntour 15t
Dura-Ace 15t

4 Dura-Ace lock rings
QR to “bolt on” adapter (kept so i could borrow road aero wheels for front wheels during races since QRs are not track legal)
“crack pipe” style pump head
15mm wrench
Wheels manufacturing 1/8" chain whip

other track related items:

Zipp 950 disc wheel - has a minor ding in the carbon under a sticker, but structurally very sound. this is a road rear wheel converted for track with the zipp axle conversion kit.

Aero bars - Nitto RB-021 40cm base bars with profile very shallow s-bend extensions (ie. theyre almost straight).

Jacques forgot to do up the quick link on his chain before a track race one time and it just fell off in a corner and slid down the track mid (the beginning of) race. He nearly burned through the soles of his SIDIs scrubbing speed so he could drop down to the apron.

Also @CHASE_2_SMELLS was looking for a disc a while back, but maybe only buys van parts now?

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i barely made it off the rail!

you are correct that i don’t care about bike parts any more tho.

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Kind of makes me want to start a “list your actual track gear collection that never gets used anymore here” thread. But I’m depressed enough already.

Pretty sure it was a few laps in but I dunno, I barely remember racing bikes at this point.

One time I did match sprints at the Boulder track. They had us at a held start at the finish line and I was on the rail side (drew 2nd position so I needed to get behind the 1st rider), which is typical, and in match sprints, the holder is allowed to give you a push. My holder had no clue what they were doing and just let go with no push and I fell over.
I’m still mad at that random stranger. I had 0 chance to get off the track in time with the rider under me and like 15 ft to get up to traction speed and didn’t make it.

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Old track stories. Good fireside chat.
Dick Lane in Atlanta was/is bumpy as hell and had about 6" of elevation difference between turns 2 and 3. Turn 4 was particularly, um, geologically unstable. I recall whipping through there and hearing/feeling a sharp snapping sensation in the bike, then coolly coasting onto the apron to survey the damage. Snapped the rigid part of my saddle. Turns out just about every heavy set sprinter type had gone through the same thing at the same spot at some point. Kind of an initiation. I always wanted to have a place in turn 4 to hang up destroyed saddles, but it never happened.


i appreciate that you misremember this story as more interesting than it was, but definitely not.

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oof too real.

Sold my beautiful Kenevans to a friend before I left Melbourne, first time he raced it at a meet I watched him get involved in a crash with another friend on a brand new Kenevans and both frames were write offs.
Sold my bizarro Andretton with chameleon paint after I moved but I still have a bag full of rings and sprockets that I really need to get rid of.

I can’t bring myself to sell anything… the dream is alive. Except my cervelo track frame, I sold that out of spite.


Naw, I’ll probably die with a full set of track stuff, including rotting tires on the bike.
Never die, never die.