Doping a Gran Fundo

bro most of the dudes at teh gym are abusing anything they are on and are easy to spot

why i think its stupid for most folks in that most folks dont need it to get good results.
and most people willing to go that far probably haven’t weighed the risks properly and are likely to do it all wrong
as for the pedal bike racings, if an old dude is short on test he can get a clearance from his sanctioning body.

but my thought is:
if someone ain’t tryin ta cheat in some manner
that ain’t much of a competition

Stupid people are gonna be stupid in the course of any human activity.

The dudes that are doing it wrong are easy to spot.

I ride my bike because I have fun. I also have fun being faster than people but only because I know I AM going faster than them and it makes me feel good. I’ve never been all that competitive but I can’t imagine doping for anything, even test patches if I were to start lifting.

I remember running track in high school and tons of dudes were using this drug, I can’t remember the name, and it really bummed me out that these guys that I was trying desperately to keep up with were using shit. I thought I was a slow little turd and I no matter how many miles I did on my own we would hit the track and I just couldn’t keep up. It ruined running for me for years and when I finally got back out there I tore my achilles and can’t ever run again for any decent distance. Fuck people that do that shit.

andro? that was pretty big with the other athletes in my high school

That sounds right but it’s been so long I’m not sure.

EDIT: Having looked it up, yes, it was andro. I remember when you could buy it at GNC.

most of the guys that were doing that are all like much taller and musculerier than i am now and we were the same size-ish during high school. also, those dudes are bald/some are

One of the guys was my best friend and we would run 10-13 miles a day after school. He always kicked my ass and I resented him for using it. Now he’s fat and recently just hit me up on strava or endomondo to compare rides. I almost started recording my rides again just to finally show him up. But I don’t care, he’s probably not in it for the right reasons anyway.

agreeing to the rules of a competition is a prerequisite for entering it

you agree to USADA rules when you register/renew your USCF license

as for the moral question, I’ll make this an Aristotelean riff and say that when you use PEDs to win a 40+ race, you are seriously fucking up your telos and putting your dignity in the shitter.

some dude who uses EPO to overcome his lack of talent or work ethic deserves to have his balls scoured by some rusty old Biopace chainrings, or spend 96 hours in a locked room with Ms. Lovely Bicycle.

How many of us would get busted for pot? It’s on the WADA list for all sports.

Alcohol’s on there too for the motorsports along with Archery and Karate, though as of this year it’s now legit again for Ninepin and Tenpin Bowling!

Up next–doping for Strava KOMs…

[quote=pixieshatintruck]its pretty east to tell who the dopers are at the gym
and even then some people are doping who still are fat and pudgy
anyway busting your ass will get you a long way
and doping will get you a little
even if you’re doping you still gotta bust your ass to see results[/quote]
whole lotta truth nuggets here
doing a cycle ain’t a free ticket by any means
most common PED on the racing circuit here is speed
i’d honestly prefer to shrink my gonads than my brain

i abuse cheese chips and beers
i quit abusing so much
started drinkin a little smarter
now i get hella drunk and a headache after two 90 minute ipa
and pudgy too
but them shits is hella good

[quote=halbritt][quote=CockLobster]guy I raced against in this region got popped for the same shit. doping to win masters races.

holy fuck that’s stupid.[/quote]

Why is that stupid?

Anyone got any EPO I can buy?[/quote]

cuz you’re racing for sandwiches and t-shirts dude.

honestly though, pretty sure some of the front-runner master’s 1/2/3’s in town are taking test at the minimum, and likely other shit.

how can you explain a 52 year old dude routinely going neck and neck with U23 development squad riders in the early season road races?

my stance: pros are doping to put food on the family table and keep sponsors. they’re at or damn near their genetic limits, on training programs designed by PhD’s (or lifetime coaches), already taking enough supplements to rival a health food store (and there is a nice selection of perfectly legal ergogenic aids) and eating like a spartan.

if you have to dope to win a cat 3 race, you have your head in the wrong place.

if you have to take testosterone to get muscles at the gym (and don’t already have low test levels), you’re either not on the right program, not eating right or too impatient for results.


edit: takes him a while to get to the same point you made

but forealzies,

I atteneded a USAC development camp this past july. we had a few guest speakers; Billy Innes, Mike McCarthy, and Ken Carpenter, talk about their carrers in cycling. most of them did not have the genetics like sub par V02 max, lung capacity, and FTP. however they had a very respectable palmares. Their reasoning was that they wanted each result so fucking bad that they push themselves beyond what they were “supposed” to be capable of.

IMHO, blaming your genetics or anything like that for sub par performances is a cop out. If you really want it, you can have it.

I barely get to ride at all these days and would like to be able to climb a hill as well as an average rider. So I can see the appeal. But I wouldn’t enter any races.

Really though, I’d never spend the money and I’m scared of needles so I’d need something that wasnt intravenous. Oh, and I wouldn’t take anything with a hair loss side-effect cos over 40 and stoked I still have hair.

This is bullshit. A good work ethic will get you half way there.

im confused, that is what part of “if you want it, you can have it” means. Obviously, these atheletes didn’t just show up to races and get their results. it took a lot of sacrifices and hard work.

edit: but i wouldn’t agree that a good work ethic gets you halfway there. It is important, but in competition I think that its more of a mind game then a game of physical demonstration. weather it be outsmarting your opponent or battling with yourself.

think about it, the smartest guy can get into the winning break and do the least amount of work and win. while the strongest guy could be in the chase group behind trying to bridge up to the break with no avail, due to the peloton covering his attacks.

the most mentally tough racer can attack durring a race during a late winter rain storm, while the strongest guy quits because his toes are numb.

the clever racer can trick his break away mates that he’s the strongest out of the group, when hes the weakest. they might not contest sprint because of that.

the strongest can have world class 20 min power numbers, but can be a complete dofus when riding next to someone.

racing your bike isn’t about the legs, its about your head and how you use it.