Double strap group buy?

I have a place willing to do $72/set +$4 shipping and any color. I’m trying to figure out if that would be shipping to me, then to the person, or shipping directly to the person. I am also pushing to get under $70/set. I should have an update in a day or two. I am also still researching other possible vendors. The current price is if we get 10 together.

People who are in:
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i’d been in if it can happen

put up some numbers…i want some toshi doubles.

I will ask around this week and get some hard numbers.

i’m down if i can get them for cheap.

It won’t happen. EAI is the US distributor for both Kashimax and Toshi, and they will not do group buys. Sorry fellas.


my boner is now flacid

I was getting excited…

Cadence doublizer is pretty snazy.

raffle is the new group buy

is that possible?

cadence doubler, willing to try that. sick of my hand made ones already :bear: hah not really

How about MKS?

I bought some Toshi doubles from Bellsbikeshop on ebay for 85 shipped.
That beats buying them from Ben’s by about 10 bucks.
Seems ok to me.

Why are those things so damn expensive. It’s a tiny strap.

maybe we could talk to one of the ebay stores that sells them

Bellsbikeshop are fuckers.

Here’s why: Who else sells straps made of two layers of suede sandwiching a layer of nylon? MKS… That’s about it, and it’s what, like $5 cheaper?

No competition = no incentive to keep your prices competitive.

then answer, then, is clear

make our pwn straps