i’m not sure how i’m supposed to react, but whenever some asshole sits on my wheel when i’m riding in traffic i just want to tell them to fuck off. it just seems to me that it’s a really bad idea to do with someone you don’t know and while in traffic. i get the impression that some guys don’t mind it, but it reminds me of when pricks used to do it to me when i was driving. how can dude behind me think he is going to be able to react in time if i have to stop or swerve? i had to whip my back wheel out once during an alleycat and without realizing it i took out the guy behind me, he must have been right up my ass. what the fuck?

also, what do you do when some other cyclist is doing stupid shit around you? give them space or tell them to fuck off?

I hate to be all “roadie guy,” but when I’ve got a wheel sucker, I usually try to I drive the pace way high and that usually breaks them. This is because the wheel sucker is usually some 50+ fat dude with Zipps. They’re really the only people who think it’s ok to just pull up behind someone and draft.

Ya just drop em. Random traffic drafting is a PITA

I either drop 'em or ask 'em to cut it out.

lets see when I am driving and some one rides my ass I just start coasting. never happened to me on a bike though.

Farmer’s Blow.

Never had it happen to me, but I can imagine that I would fuck with them a little.

slow down

I can understand it in an alley cat but not in traffic. On open roads I don’t mind it, makes me feel fast if a roadie needs to draft off me. That being said I love to draft off roadies.

This one’s always fun. See how slow you can get before they pass.

As snails said, I usually just slow way down. It hasn’t really happened on the road, yet (though I did have someone too close for comfort on a janky road bike so I dropped him real quick) but it happens frequently on the local trail. Because going too fast can be really dangerous on the trail I just drop to about 12mph and they get the message real quick.

Only problem with this solution is that you then have to decide whether you want to plod along behind them the whole time, or pass them again and hope they don’t latch on again.

Just rip a huge fart.

I just go off some sweet jumps and turn around and say “ha! Follow that”

drop a banana. mario kart style

There was a point this past summer when I came close to making a “NO DRAFTING PLZ” patch for my bag.

Some douche hipster on his partyfowl did this to me the other day. Except I slowed down to go around a car to the right and he decides he’s gonna then pass me on the right and go around said car as well. My spok’ would have caught is pedal for sure If I had turned sharper.

So once he was in front of me he picked up speed, so I got on his ass and started screaming “I’m on your ass now motherfucker MOVE OUT MY FUCKING WAY!!!”.

I just eventually sprinted around him and as we were coming up to an intersection he went to the bike lane and sprinted and skid to a stop at the light, all tarck with nuts to the stem and all.

I roll up next to him and asked “Are you having fun, dickface?”. The light changed we both went at the same time and I just kinda pulled off in front of him so he had to put his foot down. I then waved goodbye.

I’m normally not that big of a dick to anyone, not even stupid drivers, but that really pissed me off. Dumb cyclist make my brain hurt to no end.

In a car you brake-check them, on a bike you do the same thing.

I would never brake check somebody on a bike. That just sounds like a horrible idea.

wat is brakecheck?

Lol ya slow down then start drafting them and when they seem annoyed go “I made the switch signal, I thought it was your turn to draft”