Dreamland: what are you day dreaming of thread

Thinking of Paul Racers today

Dreaming of putting the meatiest tires I can possibly fit on my La Cruz and maybe making it a bit less of a road bike and more of a mountain bike. Also dreaming of building up the Phillipe the way I want it with some old school XTR and a super compact double…maybe 1x9. We’ll see. Dreaming of my bikes in general because they’re in Santa Cruz and I’m in Nashville!!

What I consider more of a “dream” is having a SS rigid 29er.

Dreaming of finding a 53 cm La Cruz frame and fork for a decent price!

dreaming of chris king disc hubs.

I guess some bike shit would be ok too.

Riding here:

wow, where is this magical place?

daydreamin’ about maybe getting this frame on monday.



Those look like the 44mm Mutano Raptors, nice tires! They’re discontinued but check ebay, I just bought a set a bit ago for $32.

Work out just fine on any of the trails I’d want to ride a cross bike on around here.

I’ve been trying to find them for some time now. Haven’t been able to. I’m sure there’s something comparable.

well now i have a reference on how big mutano raptors are. i’m gonna have to compare tire clearance with the la cruz that my friend has

I want a lug vise.


Wilton vise FTW, too.

wait, what is that?

That’s a jig that holds disc tabs in the correct position relative to the axle while you attach them to the frame.

oh wow, that’s cool.

Raleigh sscx frame

Tandem with s&s couplers positioned so that it can be set up as a regular one person bike too.

I’m undecided on whether my fictitious bike has a Rohloff hub/disk brake combo or 9 speed rd/Chris King tandem hubs/Arai drum brake/cantis.