dumb lockring question

How would one tell if they need a Italian threaded lockring instead of a English/Japanese threaded lockring? I bought a wheel with a no-name campy-knockoff looking hub a while ago. I’ve tried to install a couple different English thread lockrings and they all screw on for about 1 1/2 turns then gets super tight. The threads look fine, maybe a little crudely cut but not stripped or otherwise fucked up. The hub has Campagnolo cones, so I’m guessing that it might be Italian threaded? I’m kind of doubtful though because a Suntour NJS cog screwed right on. Should I just buy a campy lockring and try that?

without doing any research i think there are a few threadings to chose from. someone told me that old DA was proprietary too, but i don’t know. have you checked on sheldon?

Yeah, but there are no markings on the hub so it didn’t really help.

My guesses as to what the hub is are suntour sprint, normandy, gipiemme or some other obscure italian company. maybe it’s french, or the threads are just messed up. I’ll take it to my lbs this weekend.