Dumb question RE: Salsa Bell Laps

Is the bar width measured at up the flats or down at the flares? I’ve never bought a pair of flared bars before and I want to make sure that I order the right size.

drops are usually measured center-to-center or outside-to-outside at the ends.

I’m aware of this, but the widest ones I can find are 46cm which would put them at a measly 40cm on the top. I usually climb on the tops and my current bars are a 44, so I wouldn’t want to lose that.

This post is sounding dumber and dumber. I’m going to the LBS.

Yeah. The Salsa web site isn’t exactly clear about how these are measured.

ok well, the post was called “dumb question” so thats what I thought you were after. I’m almost positive the Salsa sizes are corrected to correspond to the size bar you normally ride. So if you ride a 44 now and find the fit good, the 44 salsa would likely be best. I’m not sure how much width (if any) you would loose on the hoods but I can’t imagine they would subtract too much to make it an issue. Trying them at the LBS will serve you better than all the internet-talk in the world ever could.

Bell Laps have 3cm of flare to the drops, so it would be a 6cm difference total in bar width, which is more than a bit of a deal when you’re sizing bars.

I’m gonna get an answer at the bike shop when I show up with a measuring tape and some $$$, and I’ll post it up in case anyone other than me actually cares.

Update. The 44’s are 44 at the top and something else at the flares. I actually ended up getting the 42’s and they’re nice.