Early 90s Trek 2100 - yes or no?

It may be gone, but there’s a Trek 2100 in my size on Craigslist in my size. It looks like it’s in good condition. If I can, should I do it?

Is there any reason to be concerned about a carbon frame that old?

I have an early 90’s Specialized CF bike I ride the shit out of. I’ve heard to look for separation at the BB shell.

I’m about 200# right now. :colbert:

cuanto dinero?

Is this the bonded carbon-aluminum thing? I’d say go for it, especially since it’s in your size on Craigslist in your size.

Thanks. Asking $150 (!). I’ve already emailed the seller.

Oh yeah, and if Straws or someone around here snipes this, I’ll be pissed. :colbert:

These frames were pretty crappy, and most that have seen heavy use have had the tubes start to pull apart. The weight of these frames is greater than that of even inexpensive aluminum frames available today from places like Nashbar and Performance. If it’s $150 and it’s in good shape, and if it fits you, it’s not a bad deal, but you can do a lot better for a little more.

is it your size?

but it’s coooool