ECCC College Racers?

i know there are a bunch of guys on here from the northeast.
i was wondering who’s a ECCC racer like me. i’m part of the bard college team.
broke out the rollers today for the first day of real training in a long time. our first race is 2.5 weeks away?

ahaha… good luck. i’m disappointed that i missed out on collegiate racing. i didn’t really get into cycling until like my senior year, but there are a lot of guys on the team that train pretty hard.

hopefully everyone is out of shape at start of the season.

fuck man haha thats some late in the game training. good luck.

im in the ACCC

well, that’s the beginning of “training” training. i’ve been riding every day, not far, but doing errand type things, riding to town to get beer, to the hardware store for art stuff.
riding the xtracycle anywhere i think is training times at least 1.5

I can’t believe you just started now. IIRC we were riding almost all of January last year.

I’ve been off the bike for a month now, after hurting my knee. I’d like it to be better in time for the racing season, though I’m not sure which would be more disappointing – racing with no training (and therefore doing awful), or not racing at all.

How many people on the team this year?

we’re having a meeting tonight. the roads here have been so bad for riding (fast). there are cinders and salt and sluch and potholes all over the place.
also, every path on campus has changed topography b/c the ground has been freezing and thawing so much.

i have to break it to some girl that she will not be able to road race on her bianchi san jose…

Is single speed against the rules? Because there was a guy riding fixed at a weekend of races last year. And we did most of our training inside last year. I suppose that necessitates enough trainers and rollers for everyone. Is John racing again despite his knees?

(also, I meant to say I’ve been OFF my bike for a month (not on))

john’s not racing.
the kid thaat faced the crits fixed was a beast though. this is a tall skinny girl on a singlespeed cross bike with cantis. it would probably be fine in the TT and the crit, but in the road races she’s gonna get eaten alive