Eighth Inch frames

I know we did a group buy of the scrambler forever ago. A few questions. Are you guys happy with that frame? Anything that really stands out as shitty?

Also I noticed on their site that this summer they’re going to launch a few new framesets and I was wondering if anyone has a connection at eighth inch and could let me know when that might be and possibly how much? I really need to build up a new bike. I’m cruising on my roommate’s 97 fuji track that is not the strongest bike in the world.

i like my scrambler a lot. only thing that sucks is the headset, which is expected. it also builds up to be mad heavy, much heavier than a steamroller.

Mine have been treating mine well, have though about replacing the frame this summer but decided I love it too much. I got it with the crabon fork, very pleased.

Headset isn’t that good but I’m still using it and still works. Still using the stock seatpost and seat collar too, both work fine, although am replacing the seatpost with a nashbar crabon from Rudy in a week

Standouts: It is a little heavy, but I don’t own any other bikes, none of more quality so there’s nothing to compare to everyday

I have a full rear fender on and the only thing wrong with the scrambler is not having a chainstay bridge (not sure if this is the proper term). I have to zip tie it to the seatstay instead of bolting it on, which with my crappy zip ties break every week or so.

it has been a solid beater/polo/bar bike for me. I replaced the headset on it, but everything else is stock. It does build heavy, but that is kind of nice for the abuse I put it through. I’m grabbing the carbon fork from storage while I’m in Austin this weekend, that should knock two pounds off the build :colbert:

I like mine. It’s heavy because it’s made for FG freestyle - basically a poor man’s Milwaukee Bruiser. I like it that way because I want it to survive daily commuting, locking up, and inevitable accidents. It also has steeper geos and snappier handling than any other cheap FG bike I’ve ever ridden (75 degree HT angle). I never used the stock headset, seatpost, or collar (I went with Cane Creek S-3, Sette, and Salsa) so I can’t comment on those. The only real flaw in the design I’ve noticed is the lack of chainring indent in the DS chainstay. Since the stays are beefy and somewhat widely spaced, this makes it impossible to run anything larger than a 42t ring at 42mm chainline without the ring grazing the stays. I run a 42t ring and it was still a bit too close for comfort so I used a 1.5mm BB spacer and ran an 1/8" chain on a 3/32" drivetrain.

i turned mine into a Scramroller with a steamroller frok off ebay. i love it, it’s my daily ride. running a 700x38 tire in the front and a 700x32 in the back. not a lot of room for anything wider in the back, and my wheel is about in the middle of the track end.
i had a hard time fitting a 700x32 in the front with the stock fork. took a little filing of the underside of the crown to get it to barely fit.
feels nice and solid. it is a little heavy, but i didnt notice until i just picked it up to test because everyone else mentioned it. mine has a set of deep W wheels on it, and nothing fancy except for a thomson seatpost.
the paint is not great. it tends to chip instead of scratch. but i have done lots of terrible things to the bike, throwing it around &c.
stock headset has been fine for me. would be nice to replace it with something else, but i won’t buy anything other than a chris king and i dont know why i would need something the same price as the frame.
i’m considering getting another one for an xtracycle base bike.
if i did it over again, i would probably have bought a Kilo WT, but it wasnt available at the time and is a lot more expensive.

on a related note, i have the 1/8" crankset on it also, and it is great for the price.

don’t know if that’s true, i have a 46t ring on mine. not sure of the chainline though.

i have a 48t eighth inch chainring on mine, and the ring is so close to the chainstay that it leaves grease on the closest point.

I have a 46t pake and its got space to spare

Maybe you can go bigger than I thought with a 42mm chainline, my ring was just hella close when I first set it up.

I really liked my V1. It’s now in the hands of Scott who still rides it a lot.


the old scrambler frames (v2) are on sale on their ebay page for around 127

I had a V2 over the past year. Stock fork, headset, seatpost. It was pretty decent. At that price, can’t really complain.

I have a V2 that I use for polo its heavy but a great frame for the price.

I didn’t think it was THAT heavy. Then again, under my limited budget, I’ve never ridden any expensive, featherweight frames to be able to compare.

Oh, and I used to have a 48T chainring on it and never noticed any problems.

I have nate’s old scrambler(v1?) and love it.

i have ridden scott’s nate’s old scrambler and it was a fun ride. if i had ridden it before i got my kilo and gb was due earlier (i needed a new frame right away at that point in time) i would quite possibly have gotten that instead. cheap, sturdy, fits up to 35 in rear iirc…not as much of a looker as the kilo, but for a cheap bike that seems like it could take a lot of abuse, it seems like a good buy.

Also I noticed on their site that this summer they’re going to launch a few new framesets [/quote]

i just looked now that you said this. not so much as pics of prototypes. boo.

I really like my scrambler v1. Rode the hell out of it commuting year round, now its on polo duty but the thing is seriouly fun. It’s a tad heavy but feel snappy with the handling and is just an all around fun bike you don’t have to worry about.