Electric-assisted cargo bikes w/ 20 mi capacity


The future is upon us.


Alright folks, it’s time to play “Who wants to drive a dumptruck?”

that actually looks kinda fun


How is an Xtracycle with a Stokemonkey not a totally better solution to this question? That frame thing on the front of the Onya doesn’t look like it will carry much (if anything) more than the Freeloaders on an X. Not impressed by its actual utility, though the engineering is obviously good. For a front loading three wheeler IMHO you need a bigger platform / load capacity to make it worthwhile, like this mofo:

It’s the carve. The Onya looks 20x more fun, and most people don’t need that much capacity.

that front end loader, once i realize it tilts, quickly became my favorite cargo bike in the world. yes, this happened twenty seconds ago before i typed these two sentences.

That’s really the whole point, though: if you’re going to deal with tilting and the impact it has on how you load your bike - and you’ll have to with a bike like this- then you might as well just have a 2-wheeled solution. The whole point of a 3 wheeler is greater load capacity and greater stability - by removing the need to balance the bike.

trek has an electric assist cargo bike…

Totally with you on this. Go big or go home, brah!

Are you watching the same video? The Onya has greater stability than a 2-wheeler because of the three wheels distributing the load on a wider base, but keeps the same maneuverability of a 2-wheeler. It’s basically halfway between a bike with panniers and that big-ass work truck thing you posted.

Besides, the issue isn’t ‘needing to balance the bike’. It’s ‘needing to not tip over so damn easy’. It’s automatically better than the 2-wheeler with a kickstand by default. Also, the Onya looks better than both for small to medium loads, because the weight actually shifts off the centerline towards where you’re turning. Those big-ass three wheelers are awkward as hell on tilted streets, because you feel like you’re going to fall over. In a place with hills and lots of transitions from hilly to flat, the Onya looks a lot more fun and easy to ride.

the onya looks like it would be awesome if i had a garage and I could just hop on and go to school then use the assist on the hill home. also carry my art supplies

The basket thing is so narrow and so short that it looks like you’ll barely be able to carry as much as an Xtracycle, and probably less. Also, looks like there is some real potential for a steering induced oscillation if you were to actually carry a significant load in front (something they’re never shown doing in that video).

Overall I’m just not impressed. The 200lb load limit and small form factor don’t give any advantage versus a Xtracycle or Big Dummy, and those two setups definitely ride a lot more like a two wheeler than any three wheeler ever will. With a Kickback centerstand, the only stability issues the X/BD suffer from - when being loaded - is more than amply addressed, so basically, I’m still calling this an overengineered solution to a problem that doesn’t actually exist. It’s neat - yes - but functionally there just isn’t a comparative advantage that I can see. If it had a 400lb weight limit and could carry a couch - fuck yeah. But this? Naw.


You make some good points, but I’m not writing it off yet.

fuck electric assist, htfu and pedal.

Xtra solidarity.

ftfy, bro.

ftfy, bro.[/quote]