Endpoint CG 54cm (not mine)


This is gen 2. Gen 3 is thru


Not like it matters in the rear. And you won’t need to replace these wheels


Can you swap endcaps on those white hubs?


Requires axle swap, but all parts readily available from WI. Not hard at all. I like that they use steel axles.


I don’t know why, but the first bid was cancelled so the buyitnow is back up


Less than 7 hours left on the auction


I really expected someone to smash that buy-it-now (i was/am v tempted)…

30+ watchers though, so likely a bidding war up to BIN price in last few minutes? :popcorn:


Personally I think the frame is too niche for that build level. Sorry Braden.

It would make more money broken up.


Anyone want a SRAM red kit and/or balleur wheelset? I’d take the frame.

But one of the things holding me back is just feeling like SRAM Red + white/carbon wheels are just more than I need to be riding


you’re worth it


Sold for 1775 deng. I should have bought it and parted the frame and group and kept the wheels for free


Jesus what a steal!


Yeah feeling pretty dumb for sleeping on this. Prob could have flipped the Red for $$, but just couldn’t get my head around impulse consuming 2 bongs of bike project and then needing to get it back home…


Mee too. Liquid capital is a thing