Endpoint Hunter/Gatherer frameset M never built.

New, never built first run Hunter/Gatherer frameset in M sizeway.
Black, 12x142 rear, 15x100 front.
Includes new never installed decal kit. (first run decals still on the bike).
Includes (if you want) installed token red anno headset and generic red anno seatpost clamp.
Includes front and rear thru-axles.


edit: see geo here

EDIT: Pics! Saddle height 730mm as shown. Post, stem, saddle not incl.


Day ruined :frowning:

M/L is ~57 cm TT?

Sorry I’m dumb. actual size is “Medium” per Endpoint. (post updated).
TT horizontal is 55cm.

Cool, thanks. Too small for me, somebody buy this!

saw this and got stoked, but i think the only person i know looking for one is looking for a large or xl. day ruined.

plus you got enough sweetass bikes already

The saddest story ever written

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See pics added to first post.

ALSO!!! extra-special tarckers-only included top tube or set tube OGD badge.
3d printed stainless steel.
(not mounted, I can include double-sided VHB tape).

credit to @LASER_BEIGE for the original OGD graphic.


I did the OGD “Lil’ Chubby” logo


I would like the OGD logo plz

Pretty sure I just gave the name, I did not make the logo

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I wanted decals in that new endpoint gradient except pink to teal and

Ala this

Mistral for maximum 80s windsurf vibe

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Why is it a tiny penis?

Tempted… currently on a S - H/G but toeoverlap is pissing me off. Also room for frame bag…

I would love for this to go to a tarcker. Let stalk about how to make it happen.

I’m going to try my friend’s medium HG this Friday, I’ll let you know how it fits

i’m 5’8” with short legs (i wear a 30x30 pants) and short arms (slightly under square by maybe an inch) and my medium fits well enough. sometimes i wish it were the tiniest bit shorter but i know the small world just be way too small

Is there a link for a non-tarcker who is tarck adjacent to peep the deal?