Enlighten me.

I’m trying to find a singlespeed frame set that:
Is steel.
Has straight road geo.
Is around 300 bucks.
Trying to think, but nothing I have any experience with comes to mind.

Just buy an old road bike. I’ve got a steel lugged triumph I’d sell you mad cheap.

Define mad cheap.

Old road bike fa sho.

Mad cheap as in like um. hmmm. Not sure. you can make an offer. It’s a 1972 triumph frame. I’ll include the bb and headset. the paints crap but no dents. Or I’d trade for a set of cranks.

I’ll look around some co-ops around here, and then get back to ya on that one.

people will get mad but i have one as my single speed with fenders and the geo is slack and comfortable

http://bikeisland.com/cgi-bin/BKTK_STOR ... rodID=1101

cheap too

That looks good to me.

Shit, me too.

Bens has the SE Premium Brew frame sets for a little more than 300 with free shipping. Im pretty sure there is a ebay company that sells the same frame set without decals. You could try to find one of those no-name frames used or probably even new for around 300.

I just pointed out how I liked this bike in another thread, but the Bike Island Jury frame/fork/headset looks like a pretty killer value. Otherwise, just keep your eyes peeled for an old cheap road bike.

jury, premium brew for BD, performance americano frameset.

Hey, on the Jury does anyone have suggestions for brakes? It says you need 70-90mm brakes and I haven’t really found anything.

^ I have a Jury set up as a full fender ss. It’s close to straight geo but the top tube does slope a little. As for the brakes the clearance at the back is stupid, even the longest brakes I could find (Tektro R556) required a brake drop, which BI sells or you could make (which I did). I’m running 27" wheels and the gap was still huge. Other than that I have liked the frame a lot, especially for under $200 with free shipping.

thanks, which fenders did you run? This is exactly what I’m thinking of doing for a winter commuter/summer fun bike.

^ Some SKS ones, I can’t remember which exact model but they fit really nice and look pretty good.

Where the fuck did this old ass thread come from???

someone searched instead of creating a new thread. isn’t that how it’s supposed to work?

not on brianforums.

I think I’m going to snag one of these in the future.