Enve Aero Road Bars and Aerobars

I seem to be spending a lot of time in the marketplace these days

I had to switch out my Enve aerobars for regular 42 cm bars because my hands were going numb in literally 30 minutes.

These bars are 37 cm at the hoods and 42 cm at the drops

They must be sold with the Enve aerobars. These bars are made to clamp specifically on the aero wing of the handlebar. They are nice because there is no chance of rotation.

New, the bars are 400 and the aerobar is 350. The bars have been used for about 500 miles and are cosmetically 100%. The aerobars are unused and uncut.

$400 for the lot plus actual shipping since these items take a lot of space and will require a decent-sized box.

Not my bars but this is the setup

Nobody wants these? Don’t make me get a Paceline account to sell these.


You’ll get lowballed

okay folks make me an offer. You know you want to try the narrow aero bars + aero extension combo

I’d offer to trade a rack for them, but you foolishly didn’t have rack mounts put onto your bespoke fop chariots.

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These are sweet as hell and totally relevant to my interests but around 4* too rich for my blood :slightly_smiling_face: glws

Don’t need the aero handlebars but am in the clipons. Will you split em up?

Yes! I had assumed nobody would want the clippies. $175 (half of new)? They are still in the box so they are genuinely new.

Sold. Paypal? DM me your details.

I will submit backup dibs if Heath doesn’t want the aero bars

Heath just wants the extensions, he already has the bars. Did you want the handlebars?

no, I was just angling for the clip-on extensions too, already have a set of 39cm handlebars