Euro-Asia Rim?

Anyone have experience with this rim? Garbage or decent?
Im interested in the 32mm version, not the super deep one.
Just looking for a decent all black rim for a rear and need a braking surface. Its actually for my geared bike.
Anyone have any insight on these?

Was actually looking for a different specific rim, a Mavic Open 4 CD but just havent been able to find a 32h one.

Brake wear indicators are so uggo. People who think they need these don’t actually ride their bikes enough to need them.

Were I looking for a 30ish mm deep rim I’d get a set of kinlin rims personally.

or those iro $15 things
I love my a23’s though.

or those iro $15 things
I love my a23’s though.[/quote]

I think the cheap IROs are Kinlin. I have a set, they seem pretty decent to me.

Looks pretty similar to the IRO/Kinlin $15 rim. For that price I’d just go with TB14 or Open Pro. Welded + full eyelets is a wonderful thing.