Exploding tire, hidden pothole

How do you fix a flat when its raining cats and dogs? I’m guessing the vulcanizing glue dosen’t do so well when its wet.

Reason im asking is because i got a pinch flat on my commute to work by hitting a pothole. It was raining so the hole was covered by water thats why i dident see it.
There was a bus shelter 15 yards away, so i went there to fix the flat out of the rain. While i was applying the glue it started raining biblical style witch got me thinking about what would i do if i dident have any cover from the rain.

I tought it would be a good thing to know since its been raining about 75% of the time here for the last 2 months.

I’m actually pretty sure you couldn’t.
You’d have to just replace the tube.

Just carry spare tubes and you’re good to go.

fix the tube at home

Seriously, fixing a tube on the road is a bad idea. Carry a spare tube, fix the broken one at home. End of story.

Who rides in the rain?

I usualy carry a spare tube, but i dont’t carry one for this bike.
The rear is a 27" 1-1/4 an the front is a 700c x 23. I havent found a tube that goes both sizes (haven’t really looked for one do).

anyways a spare tube dosent always work, 2 flats in one trip does happens, happend to me once. I was montain biking and got a flat on the way up (piece of metal) and then got a flat on the ride home (piece of glass). I had a tube for the first one but had to patch the second.
true story

Ok so I’m not sure if this is the correct thing to do or not… but I have used 700c tubes in 27" wheels and vise versa. It was what I had laying around and went with it. Never had any problems.

It’s usually just an issue of the valve hole. There are little adapters you can get for the rim, and then you can just use Presta tubes.