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I’m been considering getting some glasses for riding forever, but I don’t do the contacts thing so contacts x cheap shades isn’t really on the list. Getting tired of squinting in the summer and picking glops of mud out of my eyes when MTBing and racing cross.

I know nothing about this stuff. Any suggestions on a good prescription solution? Doesn’t necessarily have to be cheap. Just has to fit my skinny face, provide good coverage, and not look too douchey.

How about tints? I’m thinking maybe an amber/brown since it’s often overcast here? Are the light reactive lenses any better now or should I not consider that?

I’ve got frame ##705818 from zennioptical. They are slightly heavy though and only have a slight tint which makes them okay for mtb since you go in and out of shade a lot.

Edit: I had looked into Oakley since they’re like the only company that can put the prescription I have onto a curved lens but the frames with 1 set of Rx lenses was close to $500. Maybe if I had vision insurance I could get em cheaper but I don’t. Looks like Rudy project have Rx inserts for some of their shades, but you might want to try the zenni ones first to get a feel for what its like with the insert before shelling out the $$$

Didn’t realize the Oakley stuff was quite that spendy.

744321 looks ok. I dunno. Even after tweaking them the plastic frames I got from Zenni still don’t sit straight.

I don’t have to get prescriptions or anything, but my M-Frames with the dark grey and clear lenses give me all of it on the bike.

I’ve got stuff from Zenni, the Wayfarer clones, untinted for night riding and with the cheapest photogray treatment for day. For the price I can’t complain too much. I will say that their tint films scratch easily. And even though I baby the photograys they’ve still got super fine scratches that make them glare-y at night. I think Coastal’s stuff is a bit nicer and I have a pair of prescription shades from them that are polarized and have medium brown/amber tint. Those things are the tits, and I actually don’t wear them for riding because I don’t want to wreck them. I guess my official recommendation for riding glasses would be the Zennis because you can get them cheap and not give a single fuck about them. So cheap you could get a day pair and night pair.

Laser eye surgery. Best thing I did about 10 years ago.

I stepped on my back up pair of glasses last night. (I get up in the night a lot with babby, operate on not enough sleep, and don’t have enough room for a nightstand next to my bed)
get me into lasik.

Life changing. Seriously.

I’m getting prescription oakleys, both regular and sunnies. But I’m saving for laser. I should have gotten it years ago, it would have saved me money at this point with how often I break glasses.

okay, so do I got my optician and get a referral? go straight to a lasik place? does insurance cover it?

My insurance didn’t cover it. I have a flex plan though that let me take the money out of my paycheck pretax. It was also interest free that way. I went straight to the Lasik place myself, but your doc might have someone he likes to refer. There were a few high end places in NY that did it so I had some choices. My coworker did the procedure a month or two before me so I had some great feedback from him and went to the same doc.

The procedure took less than a half hour for both eyes. I know there are different methods now, but I don’t know what’s in vogue. Mine was under the outer lens layer so they literally sliced and pealed back the outermost part of the eye. Then they zapped me, put the flap back down and I kept my eye closed for a couple of minutes. No pain at all. The most uncomfortable part for me was the Clockwork Orange gizmo holding my eye open because I hate having anything anywhere near my eye. If you are less of a woos than me it’s cake.


Fuck the foggy glasses season. Getting into eye surgery itt. Was about to replace my scratched glasses/dead frames plus get some Rx lenses for the Adidas shades…but screw that. Also had to stock up on contact lenses.

Just have to mentally prepare for some Andalusian dog.

Sportrx.com and Oakley frames off ebay. I think I paid around 150 for a pair of lenses and chump change for Oakley Flak Jacket on ebay.

Totally lasiking once I have a real job.

Rudy makes some styles with drop-in compatibility; rather than make the sunglass lens prescription, they have prescription lenses that sit just behind the sunglass lenses. Have a coworker that loves his.

I am stoked on my contacts x Smith Pivlock V2 Collabo, great at keeping air out and contacts from drying out, but might try to get my eyes neutered one of these days…

Too bad it won’t do shit for people like me. I have microscopes for eyes, shit you not.


I use whatever shades supgirl donates to my cause, as long as they’re not metal framed.

[quote=Sneaky Viking]I stepped on my back up pair of glasses last night. (I get up in the night a lot with babby, operate on not enough sleep, and don’t have enough room for a nightstand next to my bed)
get me into lasik.[/quote]

True ‘blind’ folk can function at 95% capacity within the home without corrective lenses. 22 years of reading shadows and deciphering blurry blobs into actual objects allows me to do anything at home without contacts or glasses. That’s with -8.00 prescription on each eye.

Wat? When I lose my glasses I curl in to a fetus and rock until my wife finds them for me. But you’re saying if my vision was worse I’d be okay?

If your vision was shit as a child, you adapted to a degree in which you can do everything at home without corrective lenses.

To put it into perspective, I can see anything clearly as long as it’s 5 inches from my face. Everything else is a blur. All blurs have different shadows/highlights. that’s how I differentiate between objects when not wearing glasses/contacts.

I’ve even ridden my MTB without contacts when I rode through a shitty trail and both eyes were full of mud. Rode back to the car, threw on glasses and drove home.


and this if amazing.