Faxmachine's ongoing for-sale thread


I really wish this thread had existed before I dropped a hundo on onea them Bryton gizmos.


Need a cheap backup?


Everything’s been claimed.


Lone Peak Millcreek panniers. Light use. Blue. Fits 10mm racks. $70
Kryptonite Alley F-800 & Avenue-75 light set. New. $55 -SOLD-
Kryptonite Avenue F-100 & R-50 light set. $33 -SOLD-

Prices don’t include shipping. Photos pending.


Bumping this…

Lone Peak Millcreek panniers. Light use. Blue. Fits 10mm racks. $60


Panniers have been claimed.


Kitsbox x Mechanix Kitchel Lightweight gloves. Size XL (they run small, closer to large). New w/o tags. $18 shipped.


Topeak Versacage m/anything cages. Used, but mounting clamps’ straps are untrimmed. $25/pair (two cages, six clamps, four nylon straps). -SOLD-

North Street Pioneer 9 handlebar/waist pack. Red/teal colorway. Includes handlebar mounting straps and waist belt. $35 -SOLD-

Prices don’t include shipping. PayPal only. DM if interested.


Does the waist pack stay in place well? Think it’ll stay put while getting rad?


Honestly, I never used it as a waist pack. The strap/belt is standard 1.5" nylon webbing with a quick-release buckle.


OK, I’ll pass. Thanks!


would recommend either of the dakine fanny packs when they’re back in stock (prob early spring).

both super reasonably priced and have extra grip to stay in place.
i use one of their non-bike specific ones a lot and it actually stays in place just fine, only exception being if i take it to the DH park or something and am hitting jumps - in which case i just gotta put the strap through a belt loop or two to get it in place (don’t recommend for normal use, as it makes it so you cant readily access the pack since it’s stuck behind your back).


@amy Have you seen or tried the EVOC waist packs?


a good friend has this one (i think, 90% sure):

he seems to like it, haven’t heard any complaints. he was pretty stoked on it when he got it, but i also know he tries to do as much riding as possible with just a bottle. it must stay in place pretty well given his riding style (goes real fast on technical stuff)- but seems like anything with water in it does, given the extra weight


100% Daze Soft Tact Dark Havana/Bronze sunglasses. New with original box and soft carrying pouch. $40 + shipping

100% Speedcoupe Soft Tact Black/HiPER Red sunglasses. New with original box, clear lenses, rigid carrying case and soft pouch. $70 + shipping


These have been claimed.


Time MX6 pedals with cleats. Installed, but only clipped-into a couple of times. $45/shipped (Con US).


Pedals have been claimed.