Felt SC1 (SCANDIUM BRO) 58cm with hilarious pro livery

Reynolds Ouzo Pro fork

Uh… $99 plus whatever shipping will cost, probably another $50 or so? I beat the crap out of this bike for years and don’t think it can be killed. All I want is to see it built up and ridden again.

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Does it fit 32s and fenders?

Fits 28mm and clip on racer bro shits that do nothing

I kinda want this to build up as a trainer bike, but that doesn’t meet the spirit of the offering.

thank you for your honesty

I’m 5’4". Will this bike fit me?

If you pay me, yes. Otherwise, no.

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So you could probably wedge Confreries or those 30mm 650b G-Ones under it and still /barely/ stuff a proper fender into the wheel space.

A whole fender blade will not fit. 28mm Schwalbe One (which maybe were a bit bigger than 28?) max out the frame.

I’m just talking about something like this: image

That’s the advantage of smaller wheels, tho; vertical headroom and the metal snips of delicate adjustment to deal with the blades being too damn narrow™ at fender height.

oh right, I didn’t realize you were talking about 650b.

FWIW this older F series geometry is my favourite production geo ever. I had a later carbon one and it was a great race bike.