Fenders: The Thread

Sorry if this already exists…

I bought SKS Raceblades last night and I couldn’t figure out how to make the rear one not rub the side of the tire (the front went on very easily). I have the regular Planet Bike fenders on my road bike, and because of the adjusting hardware you can move the thing more left or right. How do I do this with the Raceblades? Also, the mounts slide around laterally on the seatstays. That shouldn’t happen right? They included aero-profile adapters for the fork but not the rear.

I’m thinking about returning them. :colbert:

I have no idea, but I thoroughly approve of your adjustments to tarckpanda

The fender itself slides back and forth in the things that hold it. Maybe try sliding it forward or back. I have those fenders too and sometimes get rub on the front, but only on my schwinn with fatter tires, on my tarck bike i got no probs.

Return them and get the Planet Bike knockoffs for half the money.

It’s a left/right issue. Basically, it needs to move over a centimeter to the left.

Blicks, Try sliding the mounting thing in or out on your seatstay. I got these a bit ago and it took me a while to adjust them.

Oh man, it was so simple. What the hell. I just took it off the frame and bent the whole left side stays very slightly inward. Geometrically this isn’t actually the correct thing to do (think about dishing a wheel, you would not want to tighten any left spoke without loosening a right spoke), but I think I’ll be fine.

I’m all for tool-less products, but I think Planet Bike has the superior design here.