Few items, pedals, chainrings, levers, tool roll

6800 pedals (sold)

TRP RRL Carbon DropBar Brake Levers (campy style, super comfy) $50 shipped

Race Face cinch Direct Mount NW chainrings. These are the CNC Al ones that sell for ~70$ Low turns on these guys

34T - Blue - $25 shipped
36T - Black - $25 shipped

Custom bike mechanic tool roll. I kept this kit in my car for MTB “just in case” kinda repairs. A little too big for carrying around, and a little too small for carrying a TON of tools (like raceday wrenching)- but fine if you are packing light for specific service. Dont know a ton of details about fabric and stuff, but it’s beefy. I paid a friend 100$ to make it- thinking 25$ shipped

I’ll take that tool roll.

Pm’ed you the deets

Not sure if you still have em but I am keen to buy those TRP levers.