convinced my wife to get a bike. she wants a single speed though and i found that bikesdirect has a complete dawes sst for $300. this is pretty much what she wants and i dont really have the time to build her one. im hoping this will get her in to riding but my question is if this is a good start or am i better off searching for the every present to-good-to-be-true-deal. ive never bought a bike off the internet like this (craigslist yields nothing but shit for 12 year old girls), always just got shit i need off of friends. so is there another site im missing or should i go for it.

There’s a thread for this kind of shit.

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1 if you buy the bd bike, you will have to rebuild and re lube everything when you get it. otherwise they are ok bikes for being cheap as balls.
2 have you even been to your lbs? idk about you but the dudes around me are stocking cheap pieces of shit to compete with bd
3 this should go in stupid questions or the bikes direct thread.

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this is like bikeforums type of shit right here.

holy shit! i don’t know how i’ve never read that sig.

you should take her bike shopping and have here test ride several bikes.