First triathlon!

I know, I know, triathlons aren’t generally the stuff of tarck, but I’m so darn proud of myself for 1) not drowning, 2) having a super fast bike ride where I passed a bunch of people even though I was the second to last person out of the lake, and 3) finishing the whole shebang (1/2 mile swim, 13 mile bike ride, 5k run) in under 2 hours that I had to share.

The water was an open swim in a lake (we needed to use wetsuits) and while 1/2 a mile isn’t long in a pool, it’s a whole 'nother game with hundreds of thrashing bodies, waves, and super cold water. I really felt like I couldn’t do it–something to do with me panicking and having problems swimming and breathing. But I eventually figured out how to do a modified breast stroke and then, when I calmed down enough, got into the groove with the freestyle. When I hit the sand I started crying because I was so glad to have solid ground under my feet. So that was the hardest part and the part I was most freaked out by. Check.

Next was the bike portion–13 miles of rolling terrain. Medium grade hills–long enough to make the calves burn, but not too long. I didn’t stop pedaling the whole way & passed a bunch of folks to make up time. Also got to cheer for the people I passed, give them a boost. Smiled the whole way. Was a gosh darn beautiful day–mountains, lake, green leaves all around, in the low 80s–couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Finally, the run. Ugh. I’m not a fan of running. I’ll do it, but it’s not my fave. Was a 5k and I’ve never done an organized run, so this was my first among a day of firsts. Jello legs post-bike, so slow going at first, but my friend and I trucked along, only stopping two or three times to walk a couple of feet and catch our breath. After the turn around point we ran the whole way back & sprinted to the finish. Felt amazing to see the finish line, and to have friends cheer us on. Plus we both finished under 2 hours (just barely) which was our goal.

Afterward, we ate veggie burgers and drank beer and hung out at the lake. Beer has never tasted so good. Not sure if I want to do one again, but I feel like a badass right now for having done it–still can’t believe it happened. 114!

Wow. Congradulations. Looks like a beautiful setting for such an event. You should be proud of yourself.

You didn’t…pee on yourself did you?

Ewwww why would I pee on myself???

saves time!

but congrats. makes me want to try this. i swam on my HS team, ran two years on a collegiate team, and, of course, do bikes… hmm.

Awesome Jess.

My sister wants me to do a team triathlon sometime. Her bf is a swimmer and she runs. I told her I’d think about it.

Yeah! You should do it! My friends did a relay and had a lot of fun, especially Chad since all he had to do was bike :slight_smile: And hey, aren’t you supposed to be camping right now??

:bear: :bear: :bear:

Myself? I’ve done some duathlons but I’m not brave enough to line up in front of the water.

U Rawk!

[quote=TimAlarkey]Awesome Jess.

My sister wants me to do a team triathlon sometime. Her bf is a swimmer and she runs. I told her I’d think about it.[/quote]

I’ve done the bike leg on a mixed team in a Half Iron. Way, way back a long time ago. Good times We got third.

Whats to think about? Do it for the family!

Nice job, congrates

I promise to pee on myself when I do mine in June.

Do it for Tarck.

pics or it didn’t happen.

Post pics Do it for Tarck.[/quote]

I have mixed feelings about this thread.

like ‘i don’t wanna support triathlonism, but… sup girl?’

me too.

like ‘i don’t wanna support triathlonism, but… sup girl?’

me too.[/quote]

Jess I thought you like bikes? What’s up with that swimming and running bullshit?? :colbert: ??

JK, good job. Finishing a tri and not pissing yourself is :bear: in my book.

Bikes & I like each other infinitely more after this. Solidified our relationship.

And about time for a 'sup girl.

notice how she avoided answering the question?

Before this weekend I would’ve been of the same mindset but
A) peeing on oneself appears to be a disqualifiable action, at least here
B) the triathletes themselves, especially in the upper echelons, are really supportive and receptive
We (my volunteers group) put in two teams of athletes with disabilities (all of our athletes are vision impaired; the volunteers either guided on kayak or on the run or rode captain like me) and the response from the supporters was great, people crying when one of our girls got out of the bay, and all the pro riders were really nice and gave us shoutouts on the ride. The next level down was full of super srs types but w/e mane.
Half iron man: would do again

i like swimming and running

tempted to try one of these things

i already got the sleeve thing out of the way