First triathlon!

[quote=white folks]i like swimming and running

tempted to try one of these things

i already got the sleeve thing out of the way[/quote]

cute girl from PSU bike co-op talked me into doing the pdx tri.

you should do it too

hmmmm. possibly. when is?

Smash it ayy dougrug

Would do if I could get someone to run for me.

might do the one in town but its like $80

aug 22. you have til like aug 15 to register…

I don’t care what people think, when I swim 1.18 miles, bike 54 miles and then run 12.47 miles (I think on a trail), I am definitely claiming bad ass geezer status.

I have to admit though that my training has been suffering due to work though lately, so my goal is to simply finish.

now i wanna know… sprint or olympic distance?

olympic: 1500m swim, 40k bike, 10k run
sprint: 750m swim, 25k bike, 5k run

i don’t wanna underestimate the difficulty of the sprint, but i feel like if my goal is primarily to finish, i might as well dive in head-first and try olympic. yeah? or am i being crazy?

[quote=white folks]i like swimming and running

tempted to try one of these things

i already got the sleeve thing out of the way[/quote]

I lol’d hard.

I like swimming and cycling, too. Running, not so much, but I could finish a 5k. Still, no desire to tri.

If you want to dive in head first go for an iron man, half iron or a 70.3

heh, yeah…

congratulations jes!!! you are a badass. please don’t get into this activity to the point that you have to start dressing like a triathelete.

Protip: never wear 2XU branded jackets off the bike. They are not fashion accessories

i’ve done a few sprint triathlons
i pooped on myself instead of peeing
i take shit to teh next level

wait til i post pics of the tri bars i just put on my yamaguchi

yeah ill do it if i can get some swimmin practice in somehow

this girl we had beers wtih last night want my gf to do a tri with her.
gf ain’t been training so i doubt it will happen.
i told her to do it. but she better start running and swimmin now so don’t poop n pee on herself or drown or start crying.

the 5k run would kill me

I left running behind me when my lacrosse team lost in the finals senior year

The run’s not so bad–I probably could have walked faster than I ran it. The swimming just takes practice. I only learned how to swim a year and a half ago and that was with flippers. So a few months ago I had to wean myself off the flippers. Totally sucked. Lost a lot of power. My time in the open water was horrid–I literally finished 4th to last in the swim portion because I hit the water and forgot how to breathe, how to swim. So I floated on my back and kicked the first 1/3 of it. After that it got better, when I relaxed and focused on the goal–getting to shore. So for those of you thinkin’ about it but not sure about the swim portion, just join the YMCA or something and start swimming every other day for a couple of months. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you pick it up. But then practice in open water because dang it’s different. And besides, you’ll always pick up time during the bike part. I went from 116 out of 120 to 70 out of 120 after biking.

fuck i wanna try a tri. but i cant run :frowning: