Fixed Connections

oh holy crap

Hahahahahahaha… I take it that’s for you?

Congrats. Isn’t that good news for ya?

what does it say?
craigslist is blocked at work…adult website it says. fukcing lame.

[quote=“craigslist dude”]girl on thayer… - m4w - 24
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Date: 2008-06-23, 2:23PM EDT

your bike was a leader frame and it was saturday afternoon on thayer. thought you were cute as i rode by on my bike…

that is all[/quote]

Man, I wish someone would love me for my bikes.

that “man” is in for a surprise!

fuck you

so did you respond?

fuck you[/quote]

yeah seriously. don’t be a jerk biekridder.
but that was kinda funny in a jerkish kinda manner.

Oh come on, every one of us was thinking it.

This was a nice break from people trying to pick up the girls at the dunkin’ in smithfield (or wherever on 146 or 95) that are usually on RI missed connections.


oh holy crap[/quote]

Blicks bi3ks + blickblocks = dudez bein like whaaaa? Damn dog, I’ma drop this shiat on craigslist and try and get the hookuP!

I am impressed that you managed to find a cl post about yourself though, I think this may be the first time I’ve ever heard of that happening that didn’t involve an intentional practical joke or something.

You rock that shiat blicks!

Aren’t we fucking over this already? Seriously.

sorry. my post was uncalled for. all is not what meets the eye, no?

did you respond?


fuck you[/quote]


fuck you[/quote]

Sorry, but I laughed.

I guess that makes me an awful person, oh well.


When are we terrorizing thayer on our bikes en masse?

oh snap!